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 Xiaomi We Max One Review – Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector Review

wemax projector

Xiaomi is an incredible piece of kit that is not an exaggerated projector. It offers 1080P image and video quality which is the very first kind in the world to offer as being so little.  If searching for that big screen for a projector, Xiaomi can suit you right.

What the heck is a short-throw projector? And aren’t laser dangerous?

The term short-throw has left questions and confusion among or reviewers and customers. The short-throw is the same as the Xiaomi FMWS01C. Show throw refers to the distance that the projector needs from the wall to display its maximum image size. Xiaomi being an “ ultra-short-throw” projector, uses ALPD 3 laser technology that needs to be 19 inches from the screen or the wall.

wemax projector


Make sure there is enough room for the reclining seats and popcorn machine

Xiaomi is a well-made device that is stylish, sleek, and sturdy that can last even more than 25000hours. It also cares for our eyes in that it protects from eye fatigue so you won’t worry about being close to the action.

 Setup & remote

The projector can be controlled very easily anywhere in the room due to the assistance of remote control which comes with an impressive voice command technology and also has Bluetooth connection. It has an affordable price that won’t make you feel like you are using a “budget” machine. This device sits at $2000 but it can be bargained the half price.


Xiaomi supports dual-band WIFI, Bluetooth V4.0, 2.4GHz + 5GHz, whatever network you are using be sure to be sync with your projector. The Wemax projector has you covered with 2 SPDIF socket, Ethernet port, AV 3.5, USB 2, ARC, HDMI2.0, and the audio out. It’s flexible due to the technological beast which allows you to set it up the way you want.

Xiaomi short-throw laser projector –The verdict

Xiaomi FMWS01C is a powerful, bold, high-tech, and user-friendly machine from Xiaomi. For Xiaomi, it brings a true live cinema into your living room for an affordable than it should be Xiaomi can be one of the best options in today’s market.

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