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Rising Chinese Tablet – Xiaomi Tablet

Over the years, Xiaomi has emerged as one of the most reputable private companies dealing in the manufacture of quality smartphones. It also designs and produces Android Operating Systems as well as other electronic products for its users. Such products include Televisions, fitness trackers, air purifiers, and tablets. It has a unique cover design for its Android Phones and tablets; making them very presentable. One of the major milestones of the company in 2018 is the release of the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 tablet in June

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Major Specifications of the Xiaomi Tablet include
• 8 inches screen display
• 32 GB Storage
• 3GB on the Random Access Memory
• 2.2 GHz octa-core Processor
• 5 Mega-pixels in the Front Camera and 13 Mega-pixels in the back camera.
• The tablet has 1920 by 1200 pixels resolution
• An Android OS

• 6000mAh Battery Capacity

In addition to its features, the Xiaomi tablet comes in black and gold giving you the opportunity to make a choice between the two colors. The skin is also designed with the unique MIUI properties. You can effectively connect it to WI-FI, Bluetooth, and USB OTG.
Moreover, the tablet is fitted with a wide variety of sensors such as the proximity sensor, Gyroscope, accelerometer and ambient light sensor. It also comes with earphones and a customized charger for the tablet. Additionally, the device has a bar design with a metallic body, making it easy to maintain.

Some of the cool primary camera settings that the Xiaomi tablet offers include the ISO settings and Panorama. The tablet has various pre-installed Apps like Google search, Play store, Calculator, Calendar, Settings and Mi Apps. Just as many would like, it has a provision for memory card reader. It also offers extensive navigation technology options like GPS.
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• The Xiaomi tablet gives you outstanding performances with its 3 GB RAM and efficient processor.
• It is affordable, giving you ultimate value for your money.
• User-friendly: It is easy to use; hence suitable for various groups of people.
• If you are a selfie enthusiast, this tablet gives the best experience with its excellent resolution. The front and back cameras are designed to the customers’ liking.

• The MIUI skin enhances its durability.

Therefore, the Xiaomi tablet is definitely designed to give users an amazing, unique experience. It is cheap and readily available in the market; giving everybody an opportunity to own one. Coupled up with excellent features and unique design, it is something everyone would want to have. You might as well consider getting yourself this tablet and experience what you are missing out.

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