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Xiaomi RedmiBook 14 Pro Notebook Review

The RedmiBook Pro 14 looks a whole lot like a lot of notebooks that’ve been released in the past few years – but most notably one model in particular. RedmiBook Pro 14 comes in three colors – silver, dark grey, and pink, and comes with a black-bezeled display above a black keyboard in a tray-like depression in the metal just above a centered touchpad the same color as the metal. This device does not run Apple’s MacOS software, but DOES run Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Office Home.

Xiaomi Redmibook pro

The design and display
Externally, the RedmiBook 14 Enhanced Edition comes in a Silver color skin texture and slim body. The lightweight aluminum alloy metal body provides higher texture strength and fine finish.
The front side equips a 14” screen and installs various ports on sides. Physically, the RedmiBook 14 Notebook measures 50x40x10cm and weighs 1.5kg.

Xiaomi Redmibook pro

The screen surface of the RedmiBook 14 Notebook Enhanced Edition measures at 14-inch diagonally. Further, it is a 1080p anti-glare full HD IPS screen providing 81.2% screen-to-body ratio.

Hardware, Software and Performance
As per the storage space, the Xiaomi RedmiBook 14 Pro Notebook gives the users 8 GB of DDR4 RAM as well as 256 GB SSD storage space.
The software section manages to run the Windows 10 Home along with all kinds of software upgradations.
Similarly, the chipset of the laptop carries the Intel Core i5-10210U quad-core 1.6 GHz processor (14nm) along with the NVIDIA GeForce MX250 dedicated Graphics Card.

Xiaomi Redmibook pro

Well, users have multiple wired and wireless connectivity options. The RedmiBook 14 Notebook Enhanced bears Bluetooth and WIFI for wireless connections, whereas the laptop has multiple ports like USB, HDMI, 3.5mm jack, DC in etc. for physical connectivity.

Battery Life
Xiaomi suggests that the battery will last for 10-hours a charge. These laptops work with what Xiaomi suggests is their latest implementation of quick charge. In this case, that means the notebook can charge “up to 50% in just 35 minutes.”

8 GB Ram
Beautiful design
Fast processing speed
Light weight
Good battery life

Low storage capacity

Overall this notebook is one of a kind, its features are mouth-watering. Visit today to purchase one for yourself.

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