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XIAOMI Mi Pad 4: Cutting Edge Tech takes Tablet World To Next Level


This tech device is undeniably the most classy in the world of tablets 2019. Considering the fact that it banks on the latest technology, you’re assured of great performance and reliability for the best user experience. In my quest to know why this tablet has hit headlines in just a few months after its release, it dawned on me that the features and potentials that it promises users is just one among the factors that are making its popularity to grow everyday.


So, should you get yourself this amazing powerhouse? well, in this review, I am going to explore XIAOMI Mi Pad 4 excellent features and I believe it is definitely the best option for you and every one out there who may be looking for a device with the recent flagship features and superb technology.


The shipping box contains:

-1 Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 CN ROM 4G LTE Tablet PC

-1 USB Type C Cable

-1 Eject pin

-1 USB Charger

-1 Adapter



Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 has a 8” capacitative screen that offers a 1920*1200 full HD resolution. Full HD on such a screen is absolutely fine because texts and images look sharper.

Color reproduction and contrast are also outstanding, but still you can adjust screen output in the settings. I’m pretty sure that everyone likes higher resolution and high quality display features. That’s why i’m saying that this is the best device for everyone.


Design and Build Quality

Xiami company is offering the Mi Pad 4 IN black and gold, so you can go for your favorite color. The almost full metal body gives the Pad a classy look and above all more robustness to falls. Its weight is another interesting feature. 485 g for a tablet is good. This lightweight tablet comes in a desirable size of 192*132*8 mm. These features when combined gives it a high-end look and feel.

On the left side,we find volume rocker buttons plus a power button, while the right side harbors the slots for SIM crads and MicroSD card. And yes, this version comes with an in-built 4G LTE, which is important for a middle-class tablet like this one.

You can plug external hard disks in the USB Type C port at the bottom. Next to this port is a headphone jack and two speakers which produce quite good sound quality.


Hardware and Performance

As I said, this big game changer in the world of smart phones offers the end user nothing short of great performance. Still in doubts? well, let us take a look inside the tablet. Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 comes with a middle-class processor, the much revered Qualcomm Andreno 512 GPU. To enhance overall performance, its manufactures created this amazing processor together with eight cores that clock up to 2.2 GHz. Yes, we find that the device comes with 4 GB RAM and 64 or 128 GB internal storage capacity.

Battery life for this tablet is very good, thanks to the 6000 mAh battery that can last longer than 17 hours.

The other amazing feature that we cannot forget to talk about is the camera. Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 comes with a 5 MP and 13 MP front and rear camera arrangement, to help you preserve great momories through great images, and honestly speaking they do not disappoint.

Finally, the fact that it supports Bluetooth 5.0 ,4 G LTE and GPS is another interesting thing with this tablet. To sum it all, the performance of Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 is excellent at a price of about US$ 300.


Security and Unlock features

Xiaomi incorporated the latest fingerprint scanners and facial recognition features in this version to enhance its security. The front camera handles facial recognition while the scanner lies beneath the screen, both of which ensure that you can securely unlock your device as fast as possible.

Android Oreo and MIUI

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 is shipped with Xiaomi MIUI Version 10.2 and Android 8.1 operating system, which just amazing tablet software. They can be described as up-to-date because we’re yet to hear of a tablet model with Android 9 OS.



– Comes with great full HD display and high resolution

-Bigger screen for enhanced user experience

-Good design that is durable and easy to handle

-Uses Qualcomm high performance series processor technology

-Supports high speed Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4 G LTE and GPS

-Battery lasts longer

-Enhanced fingerprint and facial unlock technology

-High quality cameras for great pictures

-Functions well with the latest Android 8.1 and MIUI version 10.2

-Great features at a relatively cheap price

-Supports Multi Window mode, so you can play videos and play or chat at the same time


-Does not come with LTE Band 20

-Speaker and sound quality need some improvement

-No pre-installed Google Play Store

In Conclusion

The Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 is certainly a great device for everyone. Especially when we consider its excellent features, general performance, reliability, and body design coupled with its inexpensive price, we can conclude by saying that this game changer in the world of tablets is outstanding. Over to you!

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