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Xiaomi MI Air 13.3 Laptop Review

The 3rd-generation of Xiaomi’s Mi Laptop Air (or Mi Notebook Air, depending on where you buy the portable) has landed in a bid to outclass the growing legion of premium Windows laptops that aspire to be the best alternative to Apple’s MacBook Air or even the MacBook Pro.

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The design and display
Xiaomi has opted for the minimalist approach once again and kept the case design as simple as possible: no logo on the display lid, and footprint, material, and design are identical to last year’s model. The only difference is the color: The new color, referred to as “Deep Gray”, is darker than last year’s Silver. Subjectively speaking, it does look more professional and premium than before. Unfortunately, it is more susceptible to scratches. Compared to the MacBook Pro the Xiaomi is certainly not as well made as the former. However, the differences are fairly small, and the Notebook This  cheap gaming laptop surprised us with its build quality, its high-quality touch and feel, and its rigidity.

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With a 30.9 x 21.1 cm footprint and a thickness of just 1.48 cm the Notebook Air is 5 mm wider than the MacBook Pro but at the same time 0.2 mm thinner. With the scale stopping at 1.31 kg, the Mi Notebook Air was neither the lightest nor the heaviest, but it was slightly lighter than the MacBook Pro. At just 5.71 mm, its display bezels are surprisingly narrow. Its diagonal is 13.3-inch (33.78 cm), and the resolution – 1920 х 1080p. Additionally, the screen ratio is 16:9, the pixel density – 166 ppi, their pitch – 0.153 х 0.153 mm. The screen can be considered Retina when viewed from at least 53 cm (from this distance, the average human eye can’t see the individual pixels).

Hardware and performance
When it comes to performance, the Mi Laptop Air 13.3 holds its own against similarly-priced rivals and more expensive machines.

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Packed inside is an 8th-gen Intel Core i5-8250U chipset, with a 1.6GHz clock speed. This is backed by 8GB of memory, and the result is a smooth everyday experience. Multi-tasking with lots of applications, or messing around with a couple dozen Chrome tabs open at once, won’t bring the laptop crashing to a halt.

Xiaomi Notebook Air 13 (2018) is equipped with the bare essentials – a single HMDI 1.4 connector, a USB Type-A 3.1 and a 3.5 mm combo jack on the left. Furthermore, on the right, there is another USB Type-A 3.1 port accompanied by USB Type-C connector. It supports 4K video output, but it doesn’t support Thunderbolt connection.

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Operating System
As expected, the Mi Notebook Air ships with a Chinese version of Windows 10 Home 64-bit by default.

Audio Quality
The sound system in the Xiaomi Air 13 Laptop was designed by AKG, a very popular German headphones manufacturer. As is to be expected, the sound is surprisingly good for such a small laptop.

Battery Life
In light of the mediocre power consumption, installing a 39 Wh battery was probably not the smartest choice. Accordingly, the Air’s battery life was considerably shorter than most of its competitors and akin to the 2016 Mi Notebook Air model. The Air thus failed to satisfy one of the most important criteria of a 13-inch subnotebook: mobility.

Dedicated graphics
Light and compact
Comfortable keyboard

Battery life disappointing
Display beaten by rivals
Plain design

If you spend a lot of time on the computer and are considering another high-end model, you should really give the Air 13 a look. It’s powerful enough to handle anything you throw at it, and the premium design is simply something to be desired. You can purchase one of this awesome laptop at

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