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Windows Tablet With Both Entertainment And Business

PIPO Work W1 Intel Z3740D Quad Core 10.1 Inch Windows 8.1 TabletPerhaps some office workers and businessmen will blame that laptop with complete function but not easy to carry, tablet is good at entertainment but can not do business. They will respect to have a tablet that can satisfied both their entertainment and demand of business, even business trip also can carry easily. Now there are serious kinds of tablet that comes with Windows system had launched in succession, Because Windows tablet as common tablet entertainment function, easy to carry, at the same time also has the powerful business office function like laptop, make it rapid rise. Therefore, in today’s tablet PC market, the present situation appears triangle tripartite confrontation.
Windows tablet in “the model of tablet, PC configuration” for the selling point, can be simple positioning in a palmtop computer integrated, only need to connect the keyboard, mouse, can become a convenient laptop, to the business office already, also can be play like the other system tablet. For business people accustomed to the traditional office operation, this is the biggest attraction.
What’more, Windows tablet can do more for you.
File processing
Using Windows file manager, able to operate any file functions, it on a tablet is a very powerful.
File encryption
Equipped with disk encryption (Bitlocker), enter the disk encryption, users can encrypt all programs. This feature protects user’s personal data, even after tablets is lost or stolen, the others can’t use your tablet.
Powerful software operation
Including Auto CAD, Photoshop, all Windows 8 software can be installed on the Windows tablet. This means that the high demand of industry professionals can also use it to work.
Compare with Android tablet and ipad, it is more like a laptop computer, in general, the structure of the notebook is more complex than the tablet, can provide more interface, can support more peripheral equipment, mainly used to create content, focus more on office, tablet focus on entertainment, consumer content, such as web pages, watching video, look at books, playing games and so on.

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