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Where to buy LCD screens?

LCD refers to a type of monitor utilizing the LCD technology, but also flat screen displays like those in laptops, calculators, digital cameras, digital watches, and other similar devices.

How LCD screen works
LCDs are significantly more complicated than AMOLED. A combination of liquid crystals, polarized glass, circuitry, a backlight and color filters are all used to provide you with the end-image.
You have liquid crystals which can twist and untwist based on whether electricity is charged to them or not. With this, you can control the frequency of the emitting light. Combined with a couple of pieces of polarized glass, you can ultimately control the actual flow of light through the twisting and untwisting of these liquid crystals.
LCDs aren’t able to produce any light by themselves, though. So, things get even more complicated and crowded in the panel, as a small fluorescent lamp or row of LEDs are required to produce this light. This is commonly referred to as the backlight in an LCD panel, something AMOLED panels don’t need since they use an insane amount of small and colored light emitting diodes (LEDs) to produce that light. It sounds similar, but by doing it that way, you can get an overall simpler construction with the display. That isn’t the case with the LCD.
In both AMOLED and LCD you have something called color gamut. Color gamut is often described as the range of available colors that can be displayed on a device, in this case a smartphone. Often LCDs are said to offer the most natural looking colors, largely because the types of media we consume fit into the default/standard RGB color gamut. Of course, this isn’t always the case, since some manufacturers tend to mess saturation and ultimately the overall color balance.
It’s important to note that this gets all very technical and complex, obviously. It’s really nothing to be concerned about when buying a new device though — all that end-users need to know is that because of this LCDs often have more realistic-looking colors while AMOLED might have some more vibrant and deeper colors, some might say. And it’s true, mostly anyway. AMOLED panels are made with overall more vibrancy, making those displays look a lot more colorful than what you might find on an LCD panel.

Where to buy LCD screens
Today, several devices make use of LCD screens. It is worthy to note that there are counterfeit LCD products everywhere; so you need to purchase an LCD screen from a trusted store. is an online store where you can buy high quality and durable LCD screens.

It’s important to take special care when cleaning LCD screens, whether they be TVs, smartphones, computer monitors, etc.

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