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Air Mouse


The Wechip W1 2.4G Air Mouse wireless Keyboard controller is similarly invested with most maximum models, so there might be a region that isn’t coordinated. That is the issue with all the standard far away control; please rest sure that it won’t influence the regular use.

air mouse


Set pinnacle box indeed with the aid of transferring it directly within the air. It’s far plug and plays, smooth and straightforward. The mini keyboard lets in for convenient typing. With infrared studying feature, it can study specific remote controllers to control television and different media gamers with infrared receiving characteristics.

This Light-weighted remote is made of glossy dark plastic and silicone. What’s more, it feels firm and ordinary in your hands. The remote has delicate elastic fastens that handles fine and ensures the far off isn’t tricky. The keys can blur later on because they are imprinted on the elastic catches, and the far off lies consistently are on his back at the table. Yet, time ought to demonstrate that.

Air Mouse


Wechip air mouse remote with mini wi-fi keyboard is snared through a robust, powerful 2.4GHz RF technology, virtually plug USB receiver. The transmission distance can go up to ten meters/394 inches. 2.4G significance: wi-fi control the mouse, no convincing reason to aim at the screen, can play out the cursor in any way.


Mini wi-fi console and four Axis gyration motion machine best have 57 keys button but can enter all characters. Vertical mode for computer games and typing while the remote manage for 15 seconds with no operation, the distant oversee into rest mode, blue gentle is off (shop strength). After the remote control entering hibernation, press any key to arousing the remote to enter the everyday operating situation.


Aid Help framework windows/Android/Mac OS/Linux, applicable to Android television box/Mini PC/smart television/Projector/HTPC/All-in-one PC/TV. The lithium battery is safeguarded, the battery is established inside the Wechip W1 mouse, while the battery runs out, and the air mouse might be utilized after charging. It acknowledges reusing, spares resources, and secures the climate Applicable to Android television box/Mini pc/smart television/Projector/HTPC/All-in-one PC/TV.

Air Mouse



We tested this remote with a Windows Machine (The Alfawise T1 Mini PC) for Kodi and Netflix.

The air mouse works very lovelily, and typing with it is also effortless to learn. We used a Windows computer and missed the Windows button sometimes, but this was not a real problem because we could click on windows start with the mouse.

The keyboard has a few keys in blue: Function Keys. For instance: @ is a blue catch on the S key. Press FN and afterward ‘S’, and you can type a ‘@.’

How function keys work is clever: when utilizing FN, it is enabled until you press FN again. The first time you can fail to remember it, and when using the enter, you press ctrl+alt+del. But you get used to it very fast.

Also, the www/.com button is additionally brilliant. The first time it types www, the second press is .com.

Most mini keyboards and remotes utilize a little USB rather than the fresher miniature USB for charging. This one uses a small USB, a valid statement since it’s more modest, more current, and we have many them around.

It’s helpful to have a mouse and keyboard, yet the media controls in one device. When turning the remote upside down to type, the sensor is automatically disabled, which is a helpful feature.


The remote control doesn’t work with Samsung and LG smart TV.

You can’t turn on or off set-top boxes.


As of now, you have a splendid opportunity to buy this top-notch wireless controller. sells Wechip W1 2.4G Air Mouse remote Keyboard control for US$15.59 only.

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