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Wallet 20000mAh Power Bank Review

Lets take a closer look at it. So, of course, the purpose of this product is to charge any mobile device with USB cable. On the front side, there are “power bank”logo, on-off button. There is nothing on the other side, and the other side is round. On the back, is POWER BANK along with some Chinese characters. We have two USB ports for charging and an micro USB for charging this Wallet 20000mAh Power Bank.
Wallet 20000mAh Power Bank

There are also some adapters that this Wallet 20000mAh Power Bank comes with. You can have mini USB, the Apple thirty pin connector, and the micro USB connector. The most amazing thing is that you can connect any type of connector with the main USB cable with the little connector with two cylinders on both sides, which makes this power bank suitable for any type of charging port. You can charge the iPhones, Android phones, Nokia phones and other device with this wonderful power bank.
Wallet 20000mAh Power BankYou just have insert that little connector in the hole on the main cable, so that you can connect the connector you want with the main cable. And since the Wallet 20000mAh Power Bank comes with normal and standard USB ports, thus you can use other USB cables which fits the ports. I think the cable coming with this power bank is kinda short. So mostly i just use my own longer USB cable, which is more convenient for me. The light will show you how many power left in the power bank by the amount of lights it illuminates. For example, the power bank is full charged, then all four lights will turn on.
Wallet 20000mAh Power BankAnother attractive point of this Wallet 20000mAh Power Bank is the capacity, 20000mAh. It is really not easy to find a power bank with such huge capacity on eBay or Amazon. And the this wall-design power bank is only for $13.45. If you want fast charging, huge capacity and budget power bank at the same time. This one is ideal for you.

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