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The Bamboo Slate is one of Wacom’s new entries in its simple to-advanced note-taking line of information gadgets just like the Xiaomi tablet. It utilizes a similar general strategy and innovation as the late delivered Bamboo Folio and the prior Bamboo Spark (at Banggood), yet moves the form factor from note pad to clipboard. It comes in two sizes, an or more since some potential purchasers will need to take genuine notes while others might need to doodle or draw, and it’s essential and all around made. Nonetheless, there are a few issues with the coordinating applications, which are needed for adjusting to your gadgets, and these weaknesses hurt the general insight.

Xiaomi Tablet


The Slate takes the two its form and function signs from clipboards— it’s a large gray rectangle, estimating 0.27 by 10 by 12.9 inches (HWD). We explored the larger Slate A4 unit, but at the same time, it’s accessible fifty-fifty letter size, the Slate A5), if you’d like something more modest. The A4 size is enormous, yet there’s a valid justification for needing the bigger surface, primarily if you draw or sketch. The Slate is made of polyurethane on the front and has a finished nylon texture on the back. The texture adds a lovely tasteful touch to a generally basic design. There’s rectangular stitching to plot the Wacom-empowered smart surface, which is most of the front panel.

Rather than utilizing a clasp to keep your paper stable, you can fold your notebook’s back spread or page into a cut along the top. There’s a circular button on the left side, which serves as the Power button and the strategy for syncing your device. The Slate is charged using a single micro USB port located at the bottom, and a USB–to–micro USB charging cable is included. Like the Folio, the Slate works with any paper, yet you’ll have to utilize a Wacom-empowered pen (one is incorporated).

Xiaomi Tablet

Syncing the Slate to your tablet or smartphone is extremely simple. After downloading Inkspace (accessible for Android and iOS), guidelines reveal to you when to hit the Slate’s only button to synchronize your device. The two devices are immediately paired, and since the pen doesn’t have its very own connection, that is the degree of the setup required. However, as long you keep the two connections and have paper and the pen close by, you’re prepared to send your applications from the page to your phone.


The Slate tracks any information onto the paper on its board, so note-taking or doodling is no more challenging than composing on the page. At the point when you’re prepared to save the note, the Inkspace application is standing by to synchronize your input into your device and show your notes as an advanced picture. There are a few alternatives for trading, permitting you to browse various document designs and a rundown of introduced applications viable with each record that can be utilized for sending the note out.

Post-sync editing choices are limited; however, adding any color requires a second application, Bamboo Paper, which is perhaps the most significant complaint. Considering the cycle now includes sending records between devices, adding another exchange step to add tones befuddles the cycle. Indeed, even in the Paper application, shading and device decisions aren’t broad, so your notes will remain genuinely fundamental. That is not the gravest stumble—paper notes are regular text or some list items—however, the applications are not strong if you’re hoping to accomplish more than explain and share.

Xiaomi Tablet

Given that Slate utilizes a similar technology and applications as the Folio, the experience of composing, editing, and sharing on the two devices is almost indistinguishable. Accordingly, for full details on the Inkspace and Paper application features, sending out, and distributed storage perused my audit of the Bamboo Folio.


Simple to set up and use.

Large writing surface.


Limited editing tools.

Color and highlighting functions require a second application.


The Wacom Bamboo Slate is a straight, if limited, way of getting your notes off the page and onto your phone and cloud management. It’s not cheap, but rather solid and simple to utilize and has a sizeable composing surface. Wacom Bamboo Slate is sold for US$157.54 at

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