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Windows tablet


VOYO is an extremely famous and driving Chinese gadgets maker, and they had as of late declared the VOYO VBook I7 Plus 2-in-1 Tablet PC. Consequently, in the rivalry, where does the VBook I7 Plus stack up, and is it worth the amount you pay?

Windows tablet


The VOYO VBook I7 Plus is a gadget that is focused on business use where individuals would regularly require a tablet in a hurry and a PC for broadened work. The VOYO VBook I7 Plus offers the usefulness of both a tablet and a PC inside a solitary gadget, and separated from that; the device provides a top-notch quality.

The VBook I7 Plus highlights an all-metal development out of aluminum and magnesium alloy. The built of the gadget is genuinely durable with no flexes or squeaking commotions anyplace to be found. VOYO Vbook i7 in addition to a survey

Being a device that centers around transportability, the gadget weighs around 900grams, making it perhaps the lightest PC to heft around. The overly lightweight and top-notch development implies that holding the VBook I7 Plus, even with a solitary hand, isn’t an issue by any means.

The VBook I7 Plus front highlights its beautiful 12.6-inch display alongside an optional camera on the display’s head. The rear of the gadget includes the 360-degree pivot that can assist clients with messing with the device effectively as a PC or a tablet. The hinge can be set in four modes: tent, stand, PC, and tablet. On the back, at the top place, there is a primary camera sensor too.


The VOYO VBook I7 Plus highlights a 12.6-inch 3K OGS capacitive IPS LCD screen with a 2880×1920-pixel resolution. The great 3K show is one of the feature highlights of the VOYO VBook I7 Plus. The showcase has a proportion of 3:2 and an overly wide 178-degree seeing angle.VOYO Vbook i7 in addition to the review.

When looking at the 3K OGS IPS panel on the VOYO VBook I7 Plus to the 1080p board that is found on a large portion of its rivals, the thing that matters is very noticeable. Pictures are sharp, excessively itemized, and the shading exactness is likewise on point.

Windows tablet


The VOYO VBook I7 Plus is truly unique on the equipment front also. Fueling the VOYO VBook I7 Plus is the Intel Core i7 – 7500U dual-core chipset with a clock speed of 2.7GHz and can turbo boost up to 3.5GHz.

There is also 8GB of DDR4 RAM in the device, which can be upgraded up to 16GB. The GPU used in an inbuilt Intel HD Graphics 620, and there is also a 256GB SSD.VOYO Vbook i7 plus review

The Windows Tablet is likewise sufficient for gaming, yet the absence of a dedicated top of the line GPU would imply that you should play them in the low graphics setting regardless of whether you can play realistic extreme games on the gadget.

Windows tabletnn


Being a 2-in-1 device running on the latest Windows operating system, you can enjoy all the Windows features customized for both laptops and tablets in this single device.


There are two camera sensors accessible on the device. There is a 5MP primary camera on the back and a 2MP optional camera on the front.

Indeed, both the camera sensors are not something to boast about but rather are adequate for a camera that you would expect out of a 2-in-1 Tablet.


The VOYO VBook I7 Plus features uphold WIFI 2.4GHz or 5.0GHz dual-band and include Bluetooth 4.0. The WIFI and Bluetooth availability doesn’t need any front and interfaces or sets with any devices rapidly.


There is a 10200mAh battery implicit to the VOYO VBook I7 Plus. The device’s battery size can effectively take the gadget through a whole workday, even with measure hungry tasks. VOYO Vbook i7 in addition to audit

Thinking about the considerable 10200mAh size of the battery, one may believe that charging the gadget would take a ton of time. In any case, the device can be charged from dead to a full 100% in under 5 hours.


The VOYO VBook I7 Plus is outstanding among other 2-in-1 Tablet PCs that offer great built quality, high-end specifications, and good value for money. It is available at for US$799.99 only.

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