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U10 Wrist Watch Review – Simple, Sleek, Convenient and Practical Bluetooth Watch

U10 Wrist Watch

U10 Wrist Watch adopts the normal appearance design for watches, simple and stylish, coming with white, black and silver options to satisfy different users. There is only one home button on the front side, while on the right side are the on/off button, Micro USB port for charging, and a reset hole. What is worth to be mentioned, is the thickness of the main part of watch is only 9.18mm, and this gadget sports a 1.54-inch capacitive screen.

The straps made from real leather matches with the high-intensity metal shell, which looks really harmonious and integral. The good breathability the real leather owns won’t make you feel uncomfortable after long-time wearing.
U10 Wrist WatchYou need to install an app in your cellphone so that you can pair your phone with the U10 Wrist Watch. After successful pairing, you can receive phone calls on it. This watch carries the custom noise-reduced microphone, so that you can enjoy clear voice with it. I have tested it. I could get stable, loud and clear voice from it. You can use this function when it is not convenient for you to pick up the phone, for example, when you are cooking in the kitchen.

The long-distance notification function of this gadget is kinda practical too. Presumably that most people have ever missed phone calls or messages after you put your cellphone in your bags. And U10 Wrist Watch can be a great solution for this problem. When there come the phone calls or messages from Line, Facebook or other messagers, the notifications will appear on the this watch synchronously.
U10 Wrist WatchU10 Wrist Watch
Besides, the anti-theft function of this watch is really awesome. When the cellphone are more than 10 meters away from the watch, the alarm will be activated. And if you can’t find you phone, you can use the looking-for-cellphone function, then you phone will send out alarm. What’s more, cooperating with the selfie monopod, the watch used as a remote can let you take really good pictures.

Equipped with three-axis magnetic sensor and 3D gravity sensor, this U10 Wrist Watch can also be used as a pedometer, allowing you know the distance, the time, and the calories burnt during your exercise. You can make a good workout plan to get good figure with the data recorded by this watch.
U10 Wrist WatchConclusion:
U10 Wrist Watch has really simple, sleek look with delicate workmanship, and is able to bring lots of convenience to our daily life. Receiving phones calls is the most basic but most frequently-used, especially when you are driving cars, or holding other things in both of your hands. In such conditions, this watch is more user-friendly. However, U10 Wrist Watch has flaws like slow response. But overall, it is a pretty good product.

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