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The Teclast P89s! A top conclude tablet to the critical tablet consumer

In china, one among every 18 persons have used the products from Teclast. Born from 1999, Teclast has more than 80 million users so far. And the amount of user has been increasing with the growth of more than 7 million every year.
the pictrue of Teclast P89sThe recently revealed Teclast P89s is in a league of its own from the tablet market. It undoubtedly has the aesthetic and specialized features that anyone continues to be craving for, specially in an Android tablet. For individuals tech savvy and trendy, the Motorola Xoom has a lot more energy than any tablet for the current market right now, and for the foreseeable future. Cooperating with Intel, Teclast has strongly made this super tablet to re-define the performance of tablets. Now, lets see what features make such a tablet powerful.

First of all, Teclast P89s is the standby king. Using performance burst technology to adjust the core frequency of processor dynamically, it allows processor to adjust among zero energy consuming mode, low frequency mode, high frequency mode and the biggest mode, according to the requirements. Therefore, the performance can be optimized dynamically and energy consumption can be decreased to the lowest level. You can enjoy longer using time. This tablet can even keep standby for 60 days with just 3mah consumption.

Teclast P89sSecondly, Teclast P89s is all- round king. With WiDi(wireless display), Teclast P89s can achieve projection to televisions or projection machines without any cables. In the past, problems like being out of sync, crashes and bad compatibility will occur when the normal tablets used widi. All these problems won’t happen to Teclast P89s. Due to widi, you can get extraordinary experience while playing online games, browse in internet world while using widi to conduct wireless transmission, do PPT presentations without sundry cables. Equipped with 2 mega HD front camera, you can easily chat with your friends and family with QQ or Skype anytime.

Thirdly, Teclast P89s is compatibility king. Adopting long optimized and tested android 4.2 system, it allows system and apps to fully use the multi-core processor to compute, increasing the efficiency and decreasing the consumption and waiting time. With brand new OTA auto-updating system, you just have to tap once, then you can get the latest tablet system version. Teclast is the first company in China to make it! Compatible with thousands of games/apps/reading resource, you can have as much fun as possible.

So right here it is.It’s quite the contender against variety in the Tablet PCs out there today, with all of those attributes; it is a Tablet PC to own.

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