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The Best Budget Air Mouse You Should Buy

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The following are some of the most common and effective remote air mouse in the market today;

WeChip W1 Remote Air Mouse.

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This is a beautiful remote control that is curvy and made of a black finish and a gentle curve to naturally fit the hand. When you observe the mouse closely, you will notice that it only has one button there are no seams going from one button to the other. The indented OK button and the raised D-pad are a natural fit, which will cradle your thumb. The volume buttons are smoothly finished and a bit awkward and you will keep hitting them unaware.

Lastly, there is the power button which is front and center near the top of the remote exactly where it should be. The whole unit is powered by an internal rechargeable battery which you can charge using a micro-USB cable.

Auvipal G9 Pro Wireless Air Mouse

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Looking at this mouse for the first time, you might notice that it looks alike with the very busy air mouse remote. But it has a lot of buttons that are set out more or less where you would expect them to be. Just like the air mouse, the OK button and the D-Pad are like a cradle for your thumb when holding it. Home, the back, and the air mouse off\on buttons are directly underneath the D-pad where it should be exactly. Just like any other air mouse remotes, you can adjust the sensitivity of the cursor straight from the remote itself.

Rii K25 Mini Wireless Fly Mouse Keyboard

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This is a remote that will really impress you with its stylish, sleek remote that has a carbon fiber look to the outer case. Once you have started using this remote you will realize that its case is textured not just painted. It’s better because this texture will prevent the mouse from sliding when you hold it in your hands. Due to the remote being thin, there is no flex or bend which would really feel flimsy. The D-pad is really smooth and it’s easily distinguished from the rest of the buttons from the satin feel. It has the 2.4GHz wireless remote and there is no Bluetooth at all but there is an IR port where you put it in learning mode. You can charge it from a micro USB port or any USB using the included cable.

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The Best Budget Air Mouse You Should Buy
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The Best Budget Air Mouse You Should Buy
the remote air mouse is for sure one of kind considering everything that it can do, and comparing it to a stock remote, it is way much better. it is quite easy to hole and makes your streaming much easier and fun.

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