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The best 3G calling tablet–CHUWI VX8 3G

CHUWI VX8 3GAs the tablet market develops rapidly, the functions of tablets change with each passing day. In the fierce competition, traditional tablet functions has found themselves in a blind alley, completely failed in satisfying the demanding users. The traditional and old tablets has gotten out, the innovative tablet with 3G calling, navigation and big screen has muscled their way out successfully. They not only fill the gap of the smartphones with small screens, but also ensure the 3G net surfing and calling. Recently, the Chinese professional tablet manufacturer CHUWI has launched the upgrade version of VX8—CHUWI VX8 3G. What can we expect from this new tablet. Now. Lets check it out.

As the upgrade version of VX8, the CHUWI VX8 3G has been added into 3G functions as its name implies. Coming with built-in Intel 3G chip, this tablet supports GSM and WCDMA, and also Micro Sim cards. The speed of the 3G surfing is 5.76Mbps for peak uplink and 21Mbps for downward peak. You can have smooth and wonderful enjoyment no matter when you are watching videos or playing video games. However, even if you use 2G card, the network speed is quite stable too. You can use facebook without a problem.

If you worry that the traffic data may be not enough for you, the CHUWI VX8 3G can solve this problem for you perfectly. It can detect the detail data using for you. Once it find out the data you used has surpassed the data limitation you set, it will stop the apps which consume most data. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that you may pay a lot for the bill at the end of month.

Supporting 3G calling, CHUWI VX8 3G can provide you with clear, accurate and highly-restored voice with Intel 3G card. Besides, there is a built-in distance sensor. When you make phone calls, it can intelligently identify the your operation to avoid mis-touch and save power. Though it is marketed as a calling tablet, you can find out it is totally a smartphone from some details. Detailed call records, user-defined contact, display for missed calls and received calls, caller identification, message sending and receiving, and other relative features, are the basic functions of a cellphone, and all of these functions are owned by CHUWI VX8 3G.

8-inch IPS screen, plus the slim border, let you make phone calls with single hand without a problem. In addition, the mic hole at bottom right of the back is of ingenious design. Compared with most tablets with mic hole at the bottom of the fuselage, this design makes the mic closer to the mouth when you holding it with your right hand, which is suitable for most users with better effect. At the same time, the CHUWI VX8 3G has professional Broadcom GPS chip and supports Bluetooth 4.0, meeting the need of most drivers. When you use this gadget as a car GPS, you can use Bluetooth earphone to talk. Such features will definitely bring lots of convenience to the drivers.

Better call experience with big screen was born for the special you. CHUWI VX8 3G adopts the newest AF finger print technology, and comes with effective waterproof design, GPS navigation, excellent color restoring, and 178-degree visual experience without a blind corner. And for your information, this strong tablet is only priced at 155.99 dollars!

CHUWI VX8 3G Tablet specs:

CHUWI VX8 3G Tablet specs

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