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Teclast X16HD review: dual boot tablet with 3G phone calling function

Teclast is a famous electronic manufacturer in China and it released its new product–Teclast X16HD in December 2014. It is a dual boot tablet and has the 3G phone calling function as well. Then, let me tell you something detailed about it.

At first, let me introduce you about its appearance. It has 10.6-inch IPS retina capacitive screen with a definition of 1920*1080. Traditional overall black color as usual design brings you simple and uncomplicated feelings. On the back cover of it, it takes the metal material, textured feeling that it shows you. Besides, on the bottom of it, you can see there is a Win key.
Teclast X16HD(1)
Then, I wanna tell you upon the configuration of Teclast X16HD. It comes with Intel Z3736F Quad Core CPU, up to 2.16GHz core frequency. Besides, Intel HD Graphics GPU brings you smoothly operating when you play the games or watch the videos. In addition to, it adopts Windows 8.1 plus Android 4.4 dual boot that meets your need in entertainment and office work and it uses the BIOS boot mode to start with. One thing useful is that two systems not interfere with each other, the system of non-run does not occupy system resources on another, so it would never affect the fluency of the systems.
Teclast X16HD(2)
At this moment, you would be interested in how to switch the systems, then I will tell you the methods. After the first boot, it will enter a system selection interface, selecting the interface liking to start up the computer which installed dual systems and this interface can be touched. Next, select the system you want to start, and then click OK to enter the system. After that, id you want to switch the system, only in the off state of it, while holding down the volume up key and the power button, it will re-enter the system selection screen.
Teclast X16HD(3)

Teclast X16HD(4)
Certainly, just as I mentioned above, Teclast X16HD is even a tablet that supports 3G phone calling function. Except for that, there is another version of it that supports wifi function. choosing which depends on your favorite.

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