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Teclast T40 Plus vs Teclast T50: Which Worth Buying

T40 Plus

The portfolio of the Teclast brand has been expanded with the Teclast T40 Plus. The planned update for the Teclast T40 tablet was announced in the spring. They added RAM, updated Android, and slightly tweaked the look. And for some reason, they reduce battery capacity. Maybe because of weakness. In this article, I compare the Teclast T40 plus with the Teclast T50.

T40 plus

The Design and Display

The Teclast T40 Plus tablet has a metal part and a plastic part, the screen frame is quite small for this type of product. On the top front, we have a 5 MP camera and an 8 MP rear camera, on the top and bottom we have four speakers, on the edges we have buttons for volume, power, USB-C port, audio jack and SIM slot with microSD.
In terms of screen, it adopts 10.4-inch Full HD IPS display with 2000*1200 resolution, which will allow you to have a more immersive experience when playing games and watching movies and meeting the entertainment needs of audio users and mostly meet video entertainment. In addition, this screen is equipped with an eye protection function that effectively blocks blue light and protects the view.

T40 Plus
The design of the Teclast T50 is quite careful, as we found an aluminum housing with CNC and despite its size, it weighs only 510 grams and is 7.5 mm thick. The Teclast T50 has an 11-inch IPS display with a resolution of 2000 x 1200 pixels. It has a super-thin frame and an ultra-thin 7.5mm design. The display supports TDDI Incell Full Lamination and has a CNC machined unibody design.

Processor, Memory and Storage

The Teclast T40 plus and Teclast T50 coming with the Unisoc Tiger T618 (formerly Spread-trum) are octa-core SoCs with two fast ARM Cortex six energy-efficient ARM Cortex A55 cores up to 1.8 GHz and A75 cores up to 2 GHz. Its 8G RAM ensures the system runs smoothly. There is also a 128GB ROM that fully supports all your application and multimedia needs. The Teclast T40 plus comes with an Android 10.0 operating system that reduces the storage space required for applications and improves device performance during operation, while the Teclast T50 runs on the Android 11.0 operating system.


T40 plus


The Teclast T40 plus has a 5 MP front camera for your video conferencing and an 8 MP rear camera. The Teclast T50 has a single 20 MP rear camera and an 8 MP front camera.

T40 plus

Battery Life

The Teclast T40 Plus has a 6600 mAh battery, as we have verified that it has enough autonomy for normal mixed-use and moderate use of screen brightness.
The Teclast T50 is powered by a 7500 mAh battery, which the device can charge up to 18 W.



The Teclast T40 plus and the Teclast T50 are similar in many aspects. the only difference I can point out is that the Teclast T50 has a larger screen size and bigger battery capacity. Both tablets are available for purchase on Banggood.

 Teclast T40 Plus vs Teclast T50: Which Worth Buying
Article Name
Teclast T40 Plus vs Teclast T50: Which Worth Buying
Teclast is known for making top-notch tablets and many are left with the headache of choosing which to buy. The Teclast T40 plus and the Teclast T50 possesses similarities in features but the have differences in terms of battery and screen size.

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