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Teclast T30 tablet; Doomed to Success Review 2020

Teclast T30

For several years, there has been stagnation in the field of tablets but comparing with smartphones, there is an increase that has been observed recently. For instance, Teclast has released its T30 tablet on the new midiatek P703 performance platform. The tablet offers some good performance, simplicity, a long-lasting battery, a good-quality screen, decent stereo speakers, and supports the 4G sim card and the ability to attach a physical keyboard that turns into a netbook. Let’s take a look at this tablet in detail, shall we?

Teclast T30

Design, ergonomics, and usability

In terms of the front part of it’s a typical tablet with a 10 “large frames and screen.” The frames will help you hold your device in your hands with a lot of confidence. The screen is closed with 2.5D glass with smooth flows into the case and round at the edges.  The T30 is a metal without an antenna insert at the top of the phone. When twisting or bending you can hear a slight crunch, everything is fine but with normal use. On the right of the phone, you find the volume button. This smartphone houses an audio output for headphones and a type c for recharging.

The tablet’s diagonal as well as its execution makes it the best device to play multimedia content, and you can see that it is maximally sharpened precisely for this – after all, it is pleasant and convenient to stream on a big screen.


The Teclast T30 runs on a pure Android 9 operating system with no modifications. It has a number of pre-installed applications. You can use the tablet both in horizontal and vertical mode, and also when it comes to large diagonals, you can also use landscape orientation. The presence of a SIM card in the tablet gives you the ability to use voice communication. The tablet doesn’t come with a spoken speaker, which means that when you make a call, the speakerphone turns on automatically. With regard to the settings, everything on this tablet is pretty clear and familiar, and it supports wireless updates. The tablet’s system operates efficiently without any major errors.

Packaging and equipment

It is always presented in a white package that you will find a charger, a needle to remove the tray, and other documentation. The appropriate cable with the logo of the Teclast looks quite original. This braid is made of a polymer material that is similar to “latex” with a surface texture that is under a fabric. The cable is durable, flexible, and soft.

 Charging speed and battery capacity

According to the specification and the compact size charger it delivers up to 2.5A at a voltage of 5V. Most of the time, the tablet is charged with a current of 1.75A, and all this potential is not used; the maximum power is about 9W. The power supply works silently and does not heat up. Generally, the technical characteristics of the battery are separate information stickers on the package and the battery capacity is one of the important advantages over its competitors.

The flooded capacity was 8112 mAh or 41.6Wh at 5V. Unfortunately, the charging process is very disappointing because it charges in 5hours 30minutes but, for the first 3hours, it charges up to 80%, and then the current gradually decreases.


For most cameras, they are not set for shows. It can be used for technical purposes or video conversation but cannot be suitable for artistic photography. They have standard problems like; “soap” in the details, wrong white balance, and lack of sharpness at the edges of the picture. Generally, the camera may seem to be t5here but seems not to be there.


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