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Teclast P98 Air Tablet provides you full HD visual feast

Teclast P98 Air Tablet(1) It is an unquestionable tablet with Octa-core super powerful processor and extreme high resolution. Teclast P98 Air Tablet definitely is your first choice if you are keen on games or movies in term of its full HD image display. The 9.7 inch tablet was inherited with the both streamlined structure and highlight function with apple air. As a matter of fact, it is much more cost-effective seen from comprehensive performance.

First of all, it owns big IPS screen with relatively higher resolution compared with the same size tablet. You are allowed to enjoy pretty stimulating and amazing image or video, especially when you are playing 3D games. The 3D effect could be perfectly presented through the dimensional angle of view for sake of its sensitive image processor and super resolution. In addition, the backward camera of the 9.7 inch tablet reaches 13 million Pixel, compatible recording your daily life and making micro film.

Teclast P98 Air Tablet(1)Besides, Teclast P98 Air Tablet supports a variety of different format E-book reading. You probably out if you are still staring at the small screen of your mobile phone, meanwhile, it is a harmful way of reading at smaller screen. If you have children, you’d better keep them away from the small screen no matter for reading E-book or Playing games. Moreover, the tablet allows very convenient office working cause it is easy-taken and support all kind of office software. So you are allowed to work home if you could do not often go to office for some reasons.

What’s more, 9.7 inch tablet Teclast P98 Air Tablet ensures several format music and audio playing. Actually, some of the network novels possess its original music and even photo album. For people who are fond of reading, you are allowed to have very relaxed time while reading and listening. Finally, you do have to worry about its limited memory cause the tablet allows to developing 32GB outer memory. Yes, you can freely download games or films as you like.

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