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Teclast F7 Plus: The New Generation Laptop

Teclast, the Chinese manufacturing company is kickstarting this New Year on a high note with the release of Teclast F7 Plus Ultrabook whuch is the latest gen F series offering sporting a host of improvements and new features.

Teclast F7 Plus

Teclast, is preparing to replenish the range of laptops with the F7 Plus model. With a 14-inch screen, this Teclast F7 Plus offers a good working base consisting of a Celeron N4100, 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of scalable storage.

Design and Display

On the inner side of this slick, shiny metal body you find plastic on the keyboard and around the display. The laptop closes shut smoothly and steadily, and the sturdy hinges along the display make a good impression. The display screen of the Teclast F7 Plus Ultrabook comes with a glass shield that not only protects the display from sunlight glare but also improves contrast.
The dimensions of the Teclast F7 Plus Ultrabook are noteworthy. Measuring 331x220x14.9 mm and weighs just 1.5 kg, it is a sleek, compact device.
On the right side of the Teclast F7 Plus Ultrabook, you have the microSD slot, 3.5 mm audio jack and a USB 3.0 port while the power adapter, mini HDMI port and the second USB 3.0 port are placed on the right. The lower part of the Teclast F7 Plus Ultrabook case holds the M.2 hard drive space that can be accessed easily by opening the screws, which comes in handy if you want to expand the internal memory of the device. The backlit keyboard of the Teclast F7 Plus Ultrabook is quite an impressive addition and facilitates night-time.
This Laptop comes with a 14.0 inch 1920 x 1080 Resolution IPS Screen. Offers good experience for watching videos and browsing the Web. Every picture comes alive with a full HD IPS panel. The thinnest frame with just 8.5 mm of bezels and 2.5D arc maximize the vision. The display is backed up by 9th Gen ultra HD graphics let you enjoy fluent video playback as ever. Two-sided narrow bezels coupled with 80 percent screen to body ratio.

RAM, Storage and Processor

Teclast F7 Plus
Teclast F7 Plus integrates an Intel Celeron N4100 processor, a chip manufactured in 14nm that includes 4 processors capable of reaching the 2.40 GHz maximum speed and that incorporates an Intel UHD Graphics 600 with 12EU GPU that is capable of playing video up to resolution 4K @ 60fps in h.265 HDR format, has 8 GB of DDR3 RAM and a M.2 SSD with 128 GB.

The sides of Teclast F7 Plus are studded with high speed ports that make connecting with other devices and data transfers a fun activity. Users can make use of USB 3.0 and HDMI ports to connect with the devices they need for better functioning.
The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also added to get connected with the web and other compatible devices in no time. You will find a power slot for charging and a headphone slot also to make your calls and music an exclusive appearance.

The Teclast F7 Plus Ultrabook comes with a 2 MP front camera for video calls. The webcam uses a combination of a good microphone and decent video qualities for all those Skype calls, and you don’t really need an additional headset for this.


Teclast F7 Plus
The capacity of the battery is Teclast 6500 mAh (38 Wh) on, which one comes with normal use throughout the day. The battery life specified by the manufacturer is 8 hours.
Operating System and Performance
A laptop that can handle graphics like a pro is the need of the hour and Teclast F7 Plus fits the scene perfectly. It comes with 9th Gen UHD Graphics that allow the user to stream, download and process with no extra time and effort oodles of pictures, videos, games and all. It is equipped with the latest windows OS (Windows 10) for more powerful performance, brings you more smooth and wonderful user experience.


Light weight



Large RAM capacity

Durable design

Fast Processor

Full HD display


Just a couple of USB port

Small storage capacity

Teclast F7 Plus

Although this laptop is not from a popular brand, the specifications is something one cannot overlook. This device amazes one and all with its user-friendliness and technological excellence.

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