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Teclast F6 Pro: Built to last

The Teclast F6 Pro is a seriously attractive piece of hardware that wouldn’t be out of place in the flagship range of Dell or Lenovo. It sports an all-metal chassis, likely to be aluminum rather than a magnesium alloy, with the sort of design you’d expect on a mainstream Ultrabook.

Teclast f6 pro

The design and display
The Teclast F series laptops such as the F5 and F7 catch out eyes due to their stylish look. So the Teclast F6 Pro does. If you don’t know what a company has made it, you will think it comes your way from Apple, Dell, Lenovo or other cheap gaming laptops. Thus, the build quality and overall design are what makes this tablet stand out. This laptop is equipped with an IPS display (13.3-inch Full HD touchscreen).
Our protagonist sports an all-metal aluminum alloy chassis, with the sort of design you’d expect on a mainstream ultrabook. Thus, it comes with a brushed metal finish, along with a tapered profile with chamfered edges running along the sides. There are two hinges that rotate the screen by 360 degrees. The chassis doesn’t wobble or flex.
Teclast has designed this laptop without any active fans. The air vents are placed between the hinges to help with cooling. At the same time, the base is raised due to four rubber feet. Here we can find the M.2 slot with an easy-to-remove cover.
On the opposite side, we can find a USB Type-C interface, another USB 3.0 port, and a micro HDMI port. In can serve for addition to connecting various devices such as a mouse, a USB flash card, an external HDD, or a mobile router. It is also possible to project images on LCD TVs and the like. However, we have to say it has sharp edges around the USB ports that could potentially draw blood.

Hardware, Software and Performance
Teclast means business here with a fingerprint reader embedded in the touchpad, a seventh-generation Intel CPU (Core m3-7Y30), an IPS display (13.3-inch Full HD touchscreen) and dual-channel system memory (two banks of 4GB DDR3 RAM).
Note that Teclast uses its own SSD, the NS550-2242, which is a 128GB model. Teclast has also incorporated a pair of dual microphones with noise reduction capabilities to deliver better performance when working with Windows 10’s Cortana.

Battery Life
As for the battery life, the F6 Pro comfortably hit five hours 20 minutes.

Great battery life
Superb design
Competes well with similarly-priced rivals

No backlit keyboard
USB port edges might slice your finger

The F6 Pro from Teclast will be an attractive proposition for small businesses thanks to a well-balanced configuration and some nice features like a fingerprint reader. Visit today one of this powerful laptop.

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