Friday, June 18, 2021
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VOYO Q901HD tablet

VOYO Q901HD, a wonderful tablet used in playing 3D games and phone calling

We known, the released products of phone tablets become more and more today, but now, there is a wonderful phone tablet--VOYO Q901HD, which used in playing 3D games and phone calling and I’ m admired in its design. At your first sight in VOYO Q901HD, you will be attracted by its

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Aosd M18: easy-taken phone tablet offering smooth and amazing operation

As we know, we can not live without mobile phones on account of the convenience they bring to us daily life. But if for entertainment, tablet probably is the one we often choose. Thus, there is a new word “phablet” come into being. For example, Aosd M18 is a

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7 inch Mlais M81 combining advantages of mobile phone and tablet

I don’t like to compare mobile phone with a tablet, but such mini tablet like Mlais M81 does like a large screen mobile phone, let alone it possesses all the functions of calling. Perhaps it can not give you very strong visual impact due to its 7 inch screen, but it

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