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Tablets – Making your life Fun

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Tablets have become quite popular, and nowadays they are as important as a Smartphone to some peoples. Tablets offer an option of something no bigger than a laptop and not smaller than a Smartphone hence giving you the best opportunity to enjoy your free time watching TV, browsing, and gaming. An android tablet is easy to use devices that act as a technophobe in your life. So here are the features of affordable but powerful tablets.

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Stand- Alone or Convertible Tablet

This is a unique feature in tablets, and you can choose according to the one that suits your daily activities. A stand-alone tablet comes in various sizes and designs of overused smartphones. They have one large touch screen, a charging connector and a handful of buttons located on the case. They weight around 1 or 2 pounds with a thickness of less than a half inch making them portable and super compact. They are easy to control using the touch screen and also a Bluetooth keyword.


The convertible tablet device uses the combination and flexibility of the PC and the easiness of a tablet. Most of the convertible devices are 2-in-1, and they either come with a detachable keyboard, or they have a touchscreen feature, and they look like a full-sized laptop.

android tablet pc


The tablets screen size ranges from 6 inches the lowest to the highest of gargantuan of 18.4 inches like the Samsung Galaxy View Tablet. However, most of the tablets from the famous brands like Huawei, Apple, and Xiaomi have a screen size of 7-10 inches. For the lighter and smaller tablets, the iPad mini should be your ideal companion. The screen size matters on the usage of the tablet, the bigger the screen, the more enjoyable to watch a movie and do gaming. They also provide a right balance between productivity and portability and they also act as laptop replacements.

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Expandability and Storage

Most of the stand-alone table has storage of 8 or 16 GB on the lowest and around 128GB on the highest. The convertible tables have a higher storage capability with more than 256GB of storage and some of the tablets come with an SD card reader allowing the user to expand the device storage capacity to their liking and comfort. A tablet with a higher storage capacity gives you the power to download the entire app you need and enjoy the fun and relaxation the android tablet offers.

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Battery Life

Battery life matters with each tablet, but most of them can last the whole day giving you the service you deserve. When buying a table get one with the capability of running more than 8 hours.


The right prices, best features, and convenience a tablet offers give you the chance to enjoy various activities that keep you entertained and well informed. If you are looking for a tablet that’s compatible with your life check out for their unique features.

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