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Tablets: Endangered or waiting for new beginning?

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Back in 2015, tablets were gaining so much popularity that it was estimated that it would soon replace all the laptop computers. Global sales of the tablet had already surpassed the global sales of the laptop in 2015 while they are in the declining level now due to the production of hybrid convertibles. Tablets are hugely productive due to their big screens and easy controls. A tablet can give us benefits of both laptop and smartphone. Tables are used in workplaces, in classrooms and in homes due to their portability and powerful features. There was a time when every phone makers even like HTC and laptop makers like Dell were rolling out their tablet models in the market. With many smartphones coming in 6-inch screen ranges, the tablet is still struggling to fit in the market nowadays. While the majority of companies are staying focused on smartphones, companies like Apple, Samsung and Amazon have now revamped their tablet series after a long time. Tablets are also categorized as slates, booklets, phablets, and convertibles according to their hardware, screen size and features. In this article, we list some of the flagship tablets and some affordable tablets in the market with their specifications and features.

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While there were various concept models of tablet PC were brought into market, the tablet market was famous when Apple launched its first iPad in 2010. The latest iPad models are iPad pro available in two sizes and an affordable iPad mini. The iPad pro comes with either bigger 12.9 inches screen priced at 799$ and 10.5 inches screen priced at 649$. Powered by the flagship processor A10x, they have 12 megapixel camera with HD recording. Another affordable model is iPad mini 4 with the display of 7.9 inches and powered by the A8 processor, the price is 399$. Yet not affordable than other affordable tablets in the market, this is the best combination of premium design, smoothness, performance and resourceful app library.


Another smartphone giant, Samsung has also launched two new tablet models last year coinciding it with the iPad pro announcement. It looked like Samsung had stopped rolling out tablets and laptops after it was more focused on its different series of smartphones. With 9.7 inch screen and Android Nougat 7.0, this android tablet galaxy tab S3 comes at an affordable price of 420$. Although it comes with brilliant design and powerful processor, any ordinary midrange android smartphones encompass all these features. But another tablet called as Samsung Galaxy Book featuring 12 inch screen and Windows 10 works as both laptop and tablet but the price is very high. It is powered by the Intel i5 processor.

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Apart from these giants, there are still companies which are making tablets at affordable prices like Amazon fire series and Huawei Media Pad. But the features are all same as of an android phone. Another phone maker Xiaomi had brought MI pad 3 in the market inspired by Apple’s iPad. Although the price was just 300$, this could not rock the market.


Although the tablet market is declining, they are of great use nowadays also. They are good for kids who are not old enough for smartphones. The app stores of Amazon and Apples are rich with resources for kids. They are also great for reading newspaper and eBooks as it is very difficult to read on smartphones with zooming in and out. We can take it anywhere on our travel and comes in handy while taking notes also. Hence these devices still prove to be productive and provide better experience.

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