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Tablet gadgets– the practical tools for tablet

SKU043987-1As the tablet PC getting more and more popular all over the world. There is no doubt that the tablet gadgets become the practical parts. There are many different kinds of tablet gadgets in the market. For instance, the tablet car holder, the wireless keyboard with touched mouse combo, universal desktop stand holder and so on. From now on, let’s talk about the tablet holder.

Nowadays a lot of phone stander and tablet stander come into our life, but usually they are not portable or they are not stable, as this small Pebble Stand Holder launched, you can enjoy your colorful world with this cute stander from now on.

Smart Pebble Stand Holder – Colorful Universal Silicone Cradle
Smart Pebbles is designed by Design MAX from South Korea. Each pack of Smart Pebbles consists of two pebbles in different colors. In fact, these pebbles are pebble-shaped platinum-silicon bases instead of real stones. You can freely attach pebble-shaped bases in order to set the best place for your cell phone by means of the similar function of suction cup. From the images, Smart Pebbles even can become a laptop stand or a holder for the desk accessories.

What’s more, this is a new concept of mobile cradle for you, made from platinum silicon, it is harmless to human body. This gadget is designed for your iPhone, smart phones, or notebooks. It could be used as wrist pad and can also securely place your favorite devices without scratching its surface. You can even reverse the Smart Pebble for storing keys or change! It also can use for any mobile phone, and you can tidy your goods with these ” Smart Pebbles”, USB, necklace or even earrings. Place them in the inner hollow side of the pebble. Plus, it’s a simple way to tidy up your desk.

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