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Royal Kludge RK 61 Keyboard Review

RK61 Keyboard


The market of today is fast-growing and expanding daily. We see new innovative ideas and limit challenging products are being released almost every single day. People and even manufacturers are no longer satisfied with what they have and keep looking to the future both in design, overall approach, and performance of their products.

The Royal Kludge RK61 is an amazingly cheap wireless mechanical keyboard that shows no weakness in execution and rivals the more renowned brands in this specific field. It has extraordinary lighting features, has excellent connectivity, and can be swapped between devices.

RK61 keyboard


The first thing in regards to the product that you will see is how reduced and elegant it looks. There is truly no space wasted, as you would anticipate from 61 keys, implying that you do not get the standard number pad or the direction keys in independent, committed segments.

The build quality is reliable, and the product itself weighs sufficiently to be heavy, but also, the weight is perfect for making the product better, durability wise. The Royal Kludge logo is situated at the bottom right corner of the Keyboard. The keys themselves have a secondary command visible on them, which can be accessed by holding them down in intrigue with the Fn (function) keys located at the bottom right. There is an on-off button at the back too.

It comes in two colors, white base with white keys and black case with dark keys. The MicroUSB supplied matches the RK61 keyboard color you purchase. One thing to notice is that the Black variant comes with a beautiful yellow backlit Led, and the White variant has what you may call a very bright baby blue (light blue) color backlit LED. There is also an RGB variation of a similar product that comes with almost double the price tag.


The Royal Kludge RK61 arrives in an old fashioned cardboard style box with the Royal Kludge logo fastened right at the focal point of its topside.

There is nothing extravagant on the box, its a basic essential box with simply the one logo. When the box is opened, the customer will discover the Keyboardkeyboard sitting inside a protective sheet, which is a pleasant touch both undoubtedly as this shields the Keyboardkeyboard from unnecessary damage, this additionally gives off an extremely proficient feel by Royal Kludge. Aside from the Keyboardkeyboard, the container contains the accompanying:


  • 1x MicroUSB link (for charging and network)
  • A user manual
  • A quality affirmation card and,
  • A keycap remover (in the RGB form as it were)


There isn’t a lot to discuss with regard to this part of the Keyboard. You don’t get a lot of treats as is not from a very financial plan cordial item, simply the minimum necessities. The old fashioned cardboard box is certainly not a terrible touch; it is reviving to see an organization depend on the product itself for its commercials as opposed to flashy colors and lively boxes.

The keycap remover is a plus; few out of every odd keyboard manufacturer supplies this, which is shocking. The USB cables gave are provided are of matching color to the product included, so on the off chance that you purchase the white Keyboard, you get the white wire, and for the dark Keyboard, the dark cable is included.



How to works!

First, you have to turn on the Bluetooth functionality of this keyboard by using the dedicated switch at the back.

And to pair this keyboard with your device, we have the usual key combinations. Press FN + Tab to switch from wired mode to Bluetooth mode, then press the FN + P for a few seconds until it blinks, indicating that it is on pairing mode and ready to pair.

Open Bluetooth settings on your other device, add Bluetooth, pair, and you’re good to go.



  • Very Cheap
  • The Backlighting is nice
  • It is Bluetooth enabled
  • The case feels nice, and the Keyboard built is pretty solid.
  • The battery lasts up to 10 hours.
  • Great Build and High Quality
  • Multi-Device Connectivity
  • Much Cheaper than other products


  • Not Designed for Games
  • The basic combinations are somehow complex



The Royal Kludge RK61 remote mechanical keyboard is an exceptionally top-notch product with extraordinary performance. You get LED lighting and inbuilt effects. I want to say if you are searching for wireless connectivity and portability instead of gaming experience. Use it in office or typing on connected devices, be it your telephones or laptops. It is a very cheap and super effective product; now, it is accessible on Banggood for only US$49.99.




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