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The reason for buying E708 Q1

E708 Q1Looking to purchase a tablet PC? A tablet personal computer is similar to a laptop PC and is outfitted with a touch screen that can be controlled with a stylus or a digital pen. You can even use your finger to control a tablet PC. You do not require a mouse or a keyboard to work with a tablet personal computer as opposed to a conventional desktop PC. How about let’s know about the E708 Q1? It’s the new produce of tablet PC.

Actually, E708 Q1 is a 7-inch screen tablet computer designed, in addition to mainstream 1280 * 800 resolution IPS screen, which is also equipped with a full-Chi A31s quad-core chips and 1GB of memory, performance is also a strong guarantee.

E708 Q1Although E708 Q1 after dark before the appearance of the more common white, but its equipped with a 7-inch 1280 * 800 resolution IPS screen, there A31S quad-core chips and 1GB of memory, based on the price is relatively low, which in the current flat panel industry medium or rare. Rather inconvenient for users to share high-definition video and data transmission, it also built a mini HDMI port and Micro-USB. Although it is only a 30-megapixel front camera, but the daily self-sufficient as well as video chat is also used.

E708 Q1 either configuration or price, definitely considered the most worthy to start a 7-inch quad-core tablet, but consumers still demanding endurance performance made its views, but Colorfly customized by launching an upgraded version of E708 Q2 solve the problem so when you buy, just choose according to their needs and budget line.

E708 Q1 is an excellent selection of the best entry-level flat, the price is a big advantage. Although performance in the entry-level, but can achieve full functionality, video playback, read, play games, Internet, communication, processing documents and so can be tablet pc to complete. 7-inch screen, though not the “big”, but there are advantages of portability, as a portable intelligent terminals, tablet pc full-featured, well priced, entry-level flat when selecting a good option.

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