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Ramos I9, Subversion World

Ramos I9Recently, the “I” serious of Ramos have launched Ramos I9 with the banner “subversion world”. From the tablet production history for many years, Ramos dare to be the first along the way, create one by one classic products popular with consumers. For the quality of confidence, it is believe that I9 also can be leading only. Now, let’s take a see.

Ramos I9 is the frist tablet in the world that adopts two-sided glass, especially the white version is the perfect expression of minimalist design. The overall appearance cover by toughened glass mirror material, contrasted tremendously with silver metal frame, give it the sense of beauty as crystal. The main architecture of the shell is used by aluminum alloy material, the use of CNC three axis NC machining process, precision reach micron unit, achieve extreme thin appearance. Comes with 8.9 inch original all view IPS screen, almost no dead angle no matter side stand or lie on back. And with 1920 x 1200 resolution, 32 bit color depth,make image shows clear and vivid, colorful picture details, more outstanding in play games, film and television effect. I9 have a sensitive reaction in touch, precise 5 points touch, let the web browsing and game entertainment more smoothly.

It is praiseworthy that Ramos I9 have a strong heart, comes with Intel Atom Z2580 dual-core processor, frequency of 2.0 GHz. Supports Intel hyper-threading technology, has a good performance on multithreaded processing capabilities. Although Z2580 integrated Intel XMM6360 baseband, native support HSUPA, HSPA + 3.75 G network system. But it does not support the 3 g network, only support wi-fi, at least at this stage version without support of 3 g networks, even a little pity!

Ramos I9 also has LPDDR 2 system 2 GB memory, 16 GB of storage space at the same time. Equipped with dual camera, is the current mainstream level. These characters make I9 be outstanding from domestic tablet, and have more competition.

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