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Ramos i8pro Tablet is worth to focus

Ramos i8pro Tablet(1)Ramos i8pro Tablet is the first 8 inches win8 tablet used Intel quad-core processor of Ramos. I have never seen Ramos is so keen to produce win8 tablet. May be because the Microsoft announced that it waived the fees of the win8 tablet below 9 inches screen. With a powerful quad-core process and functional system platform, making this product received even more attention.

The rear fuselage shell of Ramos i8pro tablet is made of aluminum alloy, hard wearing, design of grinding process, made us feel fine and comfortable. With the craft of metal brushed, it can be said it has an exquisite workmanship. On the positive side of the device, Ramos i8pro loaded with an IPS screen with 1280*800 resolution. The body of this tablet looks thin, the portable design can make users gripped easily. Not only for reading, office, the experience of watching movies, also has an excellent performance, which was to be attributed to its outstanding IPS screen.
Ramos i8pro Tablet(2)
In the configuration, Ramos i8pro equipped with a quad-core processor based on the next-generation processor of Intel, built-in Intel graphics. What is more, with the built-in 2 GB DDR3 RAM and 32GB flash memory, can run many large applications smoothly and save lots of personal documents. Pre-installed the operation system of Windows-8.1, compatible with a variety of daily applications and the software of office. It means that i8pro has a strong ability for office applications. It not only can view and edit compatibly with Word, Excel, PPT, WPS, PDF and other office documents, but also can easily edit pictures by using Photoshop, ACDSee. Whether you use it when you go out for business, or take a break in the afternoon, its compact body will make you very cheerful, bring great convenience for you.

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