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Ramos I10 Pro With Android And Win8 Dual System

Ramos I10 Pro is a fusion of Microsoft, Google and Intel’s three major elements of the double system tablet, this is the industry’s first pre-loaded doing/android tablet of dual system. Relying on powerful Intel BayTrail quad-core chips as well as Windows 8.1 + Android 4.2 double operating system combination, I10 Pro opens up productivity and entertainment fusion, Ramos I10 Prolightweight business combined with open application of the new road.
Ramos I10 Pro is configured with a large screen, with a 10.1 -inch, 1920 x 1200 resolution IPS screen, the whole machine and elegant design, exquisite workmanship. Its design whole tend to be simple, in addition to the “hidden” pre – 2 million megapixel camera, including front frame and Microsoft “doing” micro scale among them, explain the preset of the original system. Equipped with the rear of 500 W megapixel camera also supports autofocus, photos, video chat has very good effect. It is worth mentioning that the back of Ramos I10 Pro is equipped with two sounds great big cavity AAC independent dual chamber speakers, it has great help for watching movies, listening to music.
As a pre-installed Win8.1 and Android tablet dual system platform, Ramos I10 Pro is on the boot interface can be double system under arbitrary switching, entertaining at the same time, in both the Android system can use a variety of software like ordinary PC. Due to Intel chips provides good performance and visual optimization, so both day-to-day operations and read online video, good in many ways, it’s enough to see the Intel core tablet compatibility and performance.
Ramos I10 Pro carry with the Intel Bay Trail Z3740D quad-core processors, equipped with X86 architecture, support 64 – bit computing, 1.8 GHz frequency highest 22 mm, adopting new technology, but also integrates the desktop level HD Graphics Gen7 Graphics processor, compared the previous generation has three times the Graphics performance, its more, can easily cope with the PC games and software.

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