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PIPO M8HD, The Collision Of Technology And Art

As a good tablet, expect to strong configuration performance, the appearance also need to be attractive. PIPO M8HD is such a tablet. Teardrop-shaped edge design, scroll type modeling, ultra-thin fuselage processing, is M8HD left you deep impression on appearance. Its screen size is 10.1 inches, using super narrow bezel and ultra-thin processing, overall a small portable. Screen resolution of 1920 x1200, using the third generation of IPS technology, display effect is good, more clear picture is exquisite.
PIPO M8HD RK3188 Quad Core 1.6GHz 10.1 Inch Android 4.2 32G TabletPIPO M8HD carries the current mainstream tablet largest in the specifications of the 10.1 inch screen. The aspect ratio of 16:10 makes M8HD when browsing the web and watch the video can maximize the visual area of the screen. It is worth mentioning that PIPO M8HD using ultra narrow bezel, ultra-thin design, is currently the most compact 10.1 inch tablets.
IPS technology is currently the world’s leading technology of LCD screen. Compared with the traditional LCD soft screen, IPS hard screen has faster response speed, image without the ghosting, uniform response speed, color offset, 178 degrees full to the characteristics of the visual. PIPO M8HD is adopted the most advanced third-generation IPS screen technology, while greatly improved screen resolution, maintains the excellent brightness and wide screen view shows consistency. The tablet screen high brightness to you during the day, outdoor and other light environment also can see the screen display content.
PIPO M8HD uses the core micro RK3188 processor, is China’s first chip by 28 nm process technology, based on ARM architecture A9 architecture, the main frequency of 1.6 GHz, the memory capacity of 2 GB, fuselage capacity of 16 GB, mature and stable structure, planar configuration. GPU uses the powerful quad-core ARM Mali – 400, up to 1.8 GHz CPU frequency, frequency and GPU at up to 533 MHZ. And embedded high-performance 2 d acceleration hardware, equipped with High -speed Intel Chip high-speed communication interface, the perfect support high-definition resolution. It is a high-performance, low power consumption characteristics of a new generation of quad-core A9 processor.
Android 4.2 system uses a new processing framework, in view of the dual – and quad-core processors can deep optimization, making further improve the performance of the tablet! Android 4.2 system improvement on android 4.1 system, a new PhotoSphere panoramic photos, input keyboard gestures, etc. PIPO M8HD carries PIPO UI version 2.0, the new UI support custom module function and the change in color collocation, users can according to need the freedom to design the UI, details and more intimate.


PIPO M8HD Have Great Originality

PIPO M8HDAt this stage production tablets are imitating the ipad design concept, there are very few to break the conventional products. However, there is a break the design of conventional tablets–PIPO M8HD. It does not imitate the ipad series design train of thought, but adopts unique books type wedge body design. Almost of the interfaces are arranged on the thicker side, such not only can let the computer appears concise, and it also can meet the requirements of thickness of many interfaces for tablets. Meanwhiles, the power button and earphone interface design on both sides of the thicker side, it does not lose its chic and beautiful. It seems that M8 HD specially designed for horizontal screen operation. The 2.0 mp camera, light sensors and two AAC speakers are placed to one side of the long side. Narrow edge in hands, feel the computer thickness gradually increased, can yet be regarded as a kind of enjoyment.

About the details, PIPO M8HD is very elegant in detail design. Adopts with a 10.1 inch support  10 points touch AHVA capacitance screen,resolution of 1920 x 1200, screen pixel density of 224 ppi. Pictures are very beautiful, in both playing and watching video. There are two AAC speakers above the screen, can maximum limit will sound effects is presented to the users, at the same time distribution in two side surround sound is produced by distribution in other places can’t be matched by the speakers. Besides, set up a 2.0 mp megapixel camera in the middle of the two speakers, although it does not support the autofocus function, but for everyday video chat and autodyne is more than enough. It has a light sensor beside the camera, through the induction positive light intensity to automatically adjust the screen brightness.

From the above, with the nice hardware configuration such Rui core micro rk3188 quad-core processors, PIPO M8HD definitely is a pretty tablet.