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One Thing Makes You Abandon The Laptops

Onda V116w Core M tablet review

Onda is one of the famous brands in tablet producing in China electronic products market. In the May of 2015, it had released Onda V116W Core M, announcing that it is a tablet product which makes you abandon the laptops. I was interested in it, then I searched online and did a study on it. Next, let me share you some details about it, and i think you will be shocked.
Onda V116w Core M tablet reviewThe outstanding place of  V116W Core M is its high configurations. It comes with INTEL Core 5Y10 Dual Core 2.0GHz CPU and Intel HD Graphics 5300 GPU and adopts Windows 8.1 System. You known, the processor in it is the newest research product of Intel company, which uses advanced 14nm process technology to own various advantages with small size, less heat, low power consumption and excellent performance. For this, it has powerful processor that brings you better user experience.
onda V116w Core MAnother point I have to say is its screen, which adopts 11.6 inch OGS plus IPS capacitive screen with 1920×1080 resolution. Compared to the former dual systems version V116w, the new released one has little change in screen, while the newest plus OGS full bonding technology makes the screen display more clear and transparent. Even contrast with the specifications of the Macbook Air, the clarity is up to 49%, which brings us better visual enjoyment. Onda V116w Core M tablet review However, just as the coin has two sizes, so as Onda V116W, which also has disadvantages. Such as, in the lock screen condition lights up the screen slowly, magnet magnetic interfaces in general, can not adjust the screen angle bracket and so on.

Although there are disadvantages in Onda V116W, it also has high appraisal. For it has the mini size as the same of other tablet products and easy to carry out. What’ s more, its powerful performance offers you wonderful experience in entertainment. All in all, it is a good tablet you should own one.

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