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One Mix 2S Yoga: The Small but powerful Tablet

The Netbook One Mix 2S. It’s one of the first Chinese laptops to get the new Intel Core M3-8100Y the successor to the Core M3-7Y30, it’s an 8th Gen chip with a max turbo of 3.4Ghz when thermals allow it to turbo that high. It has 8GB of RAM, 256GB PCIe SSD, 1920 x 1200p OGS touchscreen that can flip around to cover this tiny 7″ laptop into a little tablet.

One mix 2s yoga

The little PC is fan cooled, and it even has a fingerprint reader in it. The only thing it’s really lacking is a web camera built into it.

The Tablet design and display
One Mix 2S Yoga is covered with a titanium-colored aluminum case. The material is very durable, and the edges are rounded.
Ventilation slots which are located at the bottom of the laptop insure the ventilation process. The air access via ventilation slots and cool the device.

One mix 2s yoga
The connection ports of the One Mix 2S Yoga are on the right side of the device. First is coming USB 3.0 port, then Micro HDMI connector for video-audio output, the USB Type-C connector for charging, TF-card slot and finally headset.
The keyboard of One Mix 2S Yoga is a well built and considering its small space has a Qwerty format. The keys are not back lit. However, the path is quite long for their size. Some keys are forced to be moved to a higher row.
The manufacturer managed to include even the volume buttons in such a small space. The space bar is split into two keys: the right and left mouse buttons. In the middle of both buttons is a trackpad.
There are two LEDs in the power button. One is white; another is red. The white one is for indicating the idle mode of the equipment; the red shows the charging status.
One Mix 2S Yoga laptop is equipped with an IPS multi-touch LCD 7-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. Glass 3. The screen of this Windows Tablet opens as much as to get 360 degrees from the keyboard.

The One Mix 2S is not just a pretty face. Spec wise it packs quite a punch for its size. Even compared to the 12″ MacBook which is near double in price! The 2S features an 8th Gen Core M processor which tops out at 3.4 GHz. There’s 8GB of DDR3 RAM and a blisteringly fast 256GB PCI Express (PCIe) SSD.

One mix 2s yoga

The PCIe SSD is one of the major upgrades from the previous generation. It is very important because boot up times and even just general usage are an absolute breeze for the 2S. This might sound like something mediocre, but for someone as impatient as I am, the One Mix 2S definitely has it where it counts. Machines that have even slightly delayed loading times are extremely frustrating, and there was no sign of that on the 2S.

We can say that the battery is not bad for this device. While testing, it lasts between 6 and 8 hours.

One mix 2s

The manufacturer told that with the screen off and without doing anything the duration of the battery could be up to 12 hours.

One Mix 2S Yoga is equipped with a dual-band WiFi card. However, is there is a need to connect the laptop by the cable, then you must purchase the corresponding USB0-ethernet adapter.

One mix 2s yoga
While testing we have noticed that the wireless connection is not working too well, but the stability and operation are better. In both file transfer and audio playback, the Bluetooth is working well.

Fast processing speed
Good battery life
Large storage

Poor wireless connection
No camera

One mix 2s yoga

The one mix 2S Yoga is a special small laptop with a 7-inches FHD screen and a Qwerty keyboard. The One Mix 2S Yoga is perfectly portable due to its lightweight. However, despite its small sizes the One Mix 2S Yoga laptop is equipped with powerful hardware, with its Intel Core M3-8100Y. Both internal and external memories have sufficient storage.

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