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Onda V975M Tablet 32GB, Detail Decided The High Quality

Onda V975M Tablet 32GB not only comes with more advanced quad-core processors, stronger performance of 8 engine GPU, also the appearance of better technology, more thin body, and the amazing highest 32 GB capacity of the storage space.

“Zero” crack the fuselage structure, in the process is more precise, rigorous. Metal building top plating aluminum unibody fuselage, the piano lacquer that bake with extremely smooth surface, with stunning look and feel. It increases the quality of mechanical adjusting button, volume control, shortcut screen shots, such as operation, more convenient. And new side out of the cavity postures speakers, superior tone. Of course all this perfect combined with thin body. Onda V975M Tablet 32GB uses 9.7 inch gold ratio 4:3 screen, and picked up just like the Air of a new generation of Retina Retina screen resolution up to 2048 x 1536 pixels, with a staggering 3.1 million pixel number and 264 PPI, beyond limit people eye recognition, is currently the world’s most clear flat-panel display screen. Into professional 5 million pixels rear camera, carrying us OV top camera chip, support speed shoot, zero shutter delay pictures, taken effect is good. Pre – 2 million cameras, support video chat and selfie.Onda V975M Tablet 32GB

What’s more, Onda V975M Tablet 32GB perfect for 4k high-definition video decoding and output, up to 4096 x 2160 ultrahigh resolution, is the most clear video format, 4 times more of a mainstream 1080 p resolution, is the strongest video capacity of tablets. In addition to support full 1080 p high-definition HDMI video output function, can support wi-fi wireless connectivity Display output function, let the tablet can be connected to the TV equipment, games/video/web synchronous operation. Comes with all volunteers A31 quad-core processors, let the processing speed faster, more sensitive response, lower power consumption and heat output, is currently the most advanced, the most energy-efficient tablet processor, bring more than 2 times of data processing, transmission speed, improved the use of the tablet experience.

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