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Onda V891w , a tablet but is more like a friend

Onda V891w

Onda V891wIf you are a big fan of tablet or a pro in this industry, you must know about a series of products of Onda that enjoys great reputation in the market. Affordable price and well configuration make it popular among a majority of consumers. The new model – Onda v891w, combining advantages on the previous products but upgrading its setting, is here to offer you one more choice for tablet buying.

In my opinion, the first advantage of Onda v891w compared with others is that it adopts the advanced Windows 8.1 System. This system upgrades many of the original functions so that efficient running of your tablet is under guarantee. In another world, you can enjoy more smooth, convenient and fast operation experience.

8.9 inch IPS Capactive Touch Screen with 1920*1200 Resolution will definitely bring you perfect visual enjoyment, including photograph, video and reading. Its large capacity of 32GB plus 128-GB extend card it supports also allow you to enjoy photographing and recording videos to the fullest, or download APP and information without worrying about insufficient storage. Gravity Sensor must be welcomed by game enthusiasts as it brings much convenience during game playing.
Onda V891w review Onda V891w tabletI never mind that it doesn’t support 3G because it is accessible to high-speed WIFI which also ensures me to succeed in browsing web page, watching on-line video, chatting or downloading data. By the way, it only supports photo format of JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG , video format of MP4, 3GP, AVI, MKV, MOV and e-book format of TXT, CHM, UMD, PDF. So pay attention to the differences on formats when downloading related information.

Onda v891w brings lots of joy and convenience for my life. It solves my problems very quickly and i can recover from unhappiness in favor of its entertainment function. I do hope you can also benefit from this tablet.

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