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Onda V102w: The combination of tablet and ultrabook

Onda V102W (1)There aren’t many tablets in the market can be used as tablets and meanwhile notebooks, even Ipads. Though they may have strong performance, their size is too small to be used for working. Even if some tablets have attractive size, it seems that they can’t perform well. If you want the both, you can’t miss this, Onda V102W Win8 Tablet.

As far as i am concerned, the most attractive point is that it can be used as tablet as well as ultrabook. As a tablet, it adopts Inter Bay Trail Z3735 quadcore processor, X86 core structure and other latest advanced hardware adopted by Onda V101W. It is really rare to see a tablet with such top configurations can be sold at this price. I used to think brand and price are the main criteria of quality, now, this tablet has refreshed my views. What’s more, Onda has its own technology, such as 3D technology for making transistors, which can prolong the using time by improve the performance by 30% in the low voltage conditions or decrease the power consumption by 50% without degrading performance. It is a pretty good tablet of its price range. For movie lovers and online game players, the most amazing part is that Onda V102W has 10.1 inch IPS full angle screen with resolution of 1920*1200 pixels. You won’t miss any detail, and no matter from what angle you see this screen, the color won’t fade or change with 170°visible angle. Thus, you can get amazing feeling when you play games or watch movies with this tablet.
Onda V102WAs a ultrabook, this tablet supports magnetically mounted keyboards. Pre-installed with Microsoft Win8.1 system and Office softwares, plus a 10.1 inch HD screen, it can give you the feeling of operating PC or business notebooks. Due to its light weight and slim body, you can easily put it into your bags and carry it everywhere you go. Writing reports or statements, checking the stock market, presentations, all of these things can be done anytime and anywhere you want with Onda V102W.

As an Onda win 8 tablet, it also owns two cameras, the-seventh-generation Intel HD graphics display chip, WIDI 2.0HD display, supports synchronous display on different device, wifi, bluetooth and other strong features you may familiar with.

All in all, Onda V102W can compete with the tablets priced at more than 2000 RMB. However, for people who haven’t gotten used to windows system, they should think twice.

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