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NOVO 7 AX1 Numy 3G Lead 3G Era

NOVO 7 AX1 Numy 3G is a kind of 3G tablet which with phone function, it is built in phone and WCMDA 3G mode, it is the quickest 3G system in the world currently. This tablet carried MediaTeck MT8389 quad-core processors, high frequency of 1.2 GHz, moreover also integrated PowerVR 544 mp @ 286 MHZ GPU, 1 GB DDR3 memory on collocation, performance is very strong, and the application compatibility is also quite outstanding. In addition, it also equipped with a 7.0 -inch, 1024 x 600 display, and is equipped with 8 GB storage space, and extend support TF card. Not only that, it have call function, and support the double card double stay, format support on the WCDMA 3 G network and GSM 2 G network.NOVO 7 AX1 Numy 3G

The volume of NOVO 7 AX1 Numy 3G is very small, the size of 120.19 * 191.71 * 191.71 mm makes one hand can easily control the whole machine, only the weight of 320 g also let daily is no burden to carry. It is on the back of the metal unibody design, and sprayed with a layer of frosted material layer, this not only promoted airframe strength, also ensure the good feel. However, in terms of work, it also has larger ascension space, mainly manifested in the fuselage frame gap is larger, the whole machine plastic feeling stronger. NOVO 7 AX1 Numy 3G is equipped with two cameras, before and after the front-facing camera above the screen, is 2 million pixels, can satisfy the demand of users daily chat, camera on the right side as the strip of the receiver. The rear camera in the top right corner on the back, to 5 million pixels and equipped with LED flash, it is very rare in the tablet.

NOVO 7 AX1 Numy 3G carried a native Android4.2 operating system, and keep all Google services. In addition, as with functions of double card double stay on the phone, it directly USES the phone’s interface, so use up more like a 7 inch resemble supersized android mobile phone, rather than a tablet. In terms of hardware configuration, it uses the MediaTeck solution, frequency of 1.2 GHz quad-core MT8389 processor, display chip is Power VR 544 mp, memory 1 GB, built-in storage for 8 GB. The whole hardware configuration is sufficient to ensure the daily application of the video or a running game.

In general, NOVO 7 AX1 Numy 3G is not only has powerful quad-core processors, also support 3 g double card double stay function, greatly enhanced its usefulness. It is believe that NOVO 7 AX1 Numy 3G will have a nice prospect in the market.


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