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Why you need an Android tablet

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Did you know that Android was initially a nickname to Andy Ruby, one of the founders of Android? While he worked at Apple in 1989, he expressed much love for robots. His colleagues, therefore, gave him the name ‘Android’ little did they know that this was going to be a big brand in the technology industry. This is the secret behind the most loved Android tablets available today.

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Nowadays most people find having a tablet as necessary as having a smartphone. Despite its a little bit larger size android tablet is a favorite to many. They claim that there are some complex operations that can’t be executed with a smartphone. There are several affordable Android tablet brands currently available in the market. These include Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Asus, and Xiaomi. They are highly sophisticated and have better performance than others.


A powerful tablet is capable of running several apps at once. This is unlike a smartphone which might crash or hang if overworked. This is essential especially when you are engaged in online writing or business. You will enjoy faster and smooth transactions.

android tablet pc

Tablets have big screens ranging from 8 to 10 inch. Such screens give you a good display that you won’t squint to see what is shown. This makes your watching a stress-free one. If you are doing some online writing it will be easier and faster since you can use both hands to type. You can also get an external keyboard for this purpose.


Tablets have powerful high definition cameras. Both front and rear. This ensures you take high-quality pictures and videos that won’t be affected by post-processing. You can use an android tablet during your graduation or when having fun with friends. Its operating system will work to capture those epic moments.

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Your children would enjoy playing games or streaming videos on a tablet compared to a smartphone. The larger screen display is suitable for children. You can easily get kid-friendly things from Amazon or Google store. To prevent them from disturbing you while you are busy on your phone buying a tablet for them is good. They will be busy with their stuff as you complete your online writing work or chatting with friends.


Android tablets have a powerful CPU and 3GB RAM which makes the overall operations faster. You can use your tablet to store your research projects, notes, and tutorials. Having a tablet for this purpose will relieve you from buying an external storage disk. This leaves you with extra money to pay your rent or even make your hair. Android devices have emerged the best performing in the market. You should consider buying an Android tablet even if you have a smartphone. It does what your phone can’t and it’s reliable.

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