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Life become colorful with some changes–Cube iWork10 Ultimate Tablet

In recent years, X86 core tablet had been popular among the people under the strong promotion of Intel. Several major tablet manufacturers have introduced different products, the two-in-one tablet have gradually attracted people’s concentrations. As one of the largest tablet manufacturers, cube has been devoted the product which is much more suitable for the users. Almost all the products from the cube adopt the DOCK connector to make it useful and improve the product as the basis for productivity.


Cube had promoted the Cube iWork10 on the end of 2015, we can know it easily that it’s a two-in-one tablet from its name. More commendable is that it can support the active capacitive pen, which is rare in the same price with the other similar product.

Cube iWork10 Ultimate Tablet has adopted the CPU of Intel Cherry Trail X5-Z8300 with 4G memory, 64G high-speed EMMC storage, 10.1 inch 1920 * 1200 resolution ISP capacitive screens, dual cameras an  d design of Magnesium Aluminum Alloy Shell. The double system of android and windows10 make it not only a entertainment tool but also a productivity tools which can meet the daily office requirement. The classic design of black in front and the blue back and magnesium alloy shell is commercial but the chamfering design of blue and round metal primary colors has added the fashion and activity for itself.

tablet 4

Double speakers, two-tone cavity design has contributed a lot to the tablet voice, coupled with high-resolution screen, which bring a good experience of audio and video entertainment to us. Iwork10 has a rich connector, TF expansion, micro usb 3.0, micro usb 2.0, micro hdmi, 3.5mm audio output. Of course, there are 5 pin dock connector, so that the tablet has a great scalability. The cube iwork10 keyboard has used magnesium alloy as well and it can rotate 120°which is convenient for you to adjust in different condition. The design of the keyboard is special and although it’s thin but it possesses the good key way and hand feel. At the same time, when you open the tablet, it has a certain degree of inclination and the formation of low before the high slope is easy to enter. How wonderful the design is. Two side of the keyboard is designed with two USB 2.0 connectors, which add the scalability and practicality of the tablet. Iwork10 tablet can be a normal access to magnetic keyboard front and back. Thus,it owns its different mode(PC mode, Standing mode, Tent mode…). If you like, we believe you can find the one which is suitable for you to make it more changes in your daily life.

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The double system of the iwork10 tablet is active, you can touch to choose the system you want to choose the interface (10second for you to choose).If you are not choose the system, it’ll enter in the system you had used last time if you haven’t choose it. In the windows10 system, it has a quick switch to Android desktop program, running automatically switch to Android system. Iwork10 tablet pre-installed 64-bit windows10 home version, 64-bit system can be used to better play the hardware performance. And cube has put 3 video teaching on its table. It’s much better for the user to use the tablet. The Z8300+4G memory can meet almost all the people’s daily office needs. And in the aspect of the entertainment, it has more choices because of the Android system’s exist. Although Android’s compatibility in the X86 platforms is not perfect, the mainstream software running is no problem, I believe there will be a better future compatibility changes. Furthermore, the screen protection is important as well, please click cube iWork10 screen protector.

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