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Lenovo P8 Plus: The Best Cheap Android Tablet in the Market

cheap android tablet

With the current technology, many people are opting for handheld devices to carry out online tasks. If you are stuck and in need of a cheap android tablet buy Lenovo P8. Tablet The cheap android tablet comes with many good features at an affordable price. You will not have to strain your eyes when watching online movies, YouTube, or even filling online application as it comes with an 8-inch oleophobic display screen.

 cheap android tablet

Features of Lenovo P8

The Lenovo P8 comes with a 3GB RAM and 16GB internal memory which can be expanded using an SD card. This cheap android tablet comes with a clock speed of 2.0Hz octa core and powered by Snapdragon 625, which makes the tablet swift while multitasking and thus the best for gamers or those who do heavy browsing. With eight core processors and the 3GB RAM, the tablet can handle much application and can run them simultaneously without hanging or overheating.

cheap android tablet

If you are planning to buy P8 plus Tablet for your kid, you don’t need to worry about the safe online web. This mode of Lenovo P8 has the feature that allows the parent to create a user account on behave of the child to manage how the kid uses the tablet. It allows the parent to restrict or grant access to some Applications, Websites, limit time spent browsing and such, which ensures that you can be able to control what your kids are doing with their tablet and enhance their online security.

The cheap android tablet is powered li-on polymer, 3.7 volts /4250mAh, which means on a full charge you can comfortably use the device for two and half days on normal use. It can be useful if you like travelling as you don’t need to carry a power bank everywhere you go.

cheap android tablet

The tablet has a good resolution of 1920*1200 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:10, which helps achieve clear picture display and ideal for watching and game playing. It comes with an eight mp and five mp rear and front respectively. With this, you can capture beautiful moments with your family and loved ones. It has an adequate photo quality.

When it comes to sound, it would be hard to ignore phone’s stereo speakers. There ware multiple tests that were carried out and the upper, and the lower dual speakers of Lenovo P8 Plus proved to produce a more clear and realistic surround sound. This feature will help you enjoy listening to music or even watching a movie as you will fall in love with the sound.

cheap android tablet

In short words, Lenovo P8 is the best cheap android tablet on the market that will give you back the value of your money. If you buy the tablet, you will have to experience the great features it has to offer. Plus with an Android operating platform, you can access thousands of application on the Google App store.

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