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Kingsing W8 world’s lowest price win8 tablet

Many win8 tablets are targeted at the low-end market, but few manufacture will basically set in the low-end market. However, I was shocked by Kingsing W8 when searched for tablet on the internet. This ultra-low price win8 tablet, looking and feeling is not bad, the configuration is also well, and then I ordered one for evaluation whether easy to use?

Kingsing W8We know that “you get what you pay for”, but as the consumers, we are always thinking about that spend less money to buy value things, this is psychology of consumer, so Kingsing also want to produce a low price of win8 tablet for catering to the consumers, want to find a foothold in the tablet market. From the point of hardware configuration, Kingsing W8 is not much difference with other 8-inch tablet, just like a normal tablet which is equipped with Intel processors, 1 GB RAM. The configuration supports the system for running win8 smoothly. For such a low price, we dare to put forward any excessive demands?

Other configuration can meet our daily use, such as 16 GB of storage space, 8 inch IPS Capacitive Touch Screen with 1280 * 800 resolution, perfectly displayed all images, support for the transfer function of Bluetooth, OTG and external 3G network, these functions are convenient for our sharing data or surfing on the internet. In general, we can experience win8 tablet with the low price by Kingsing W8 that is absolute value. If a novice wants to start for win8 tablet, this windows tablet is worth staring whether it is on performance and price. Besides, the international film festival is coming, what about giving this gift for children to watch movies? With this tablet, I think you would enjoy the music and video.

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