Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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IPPO F978C 3G Is The Most Stable Quad Core Tablet

IPPO F978C 3G carries the most rapid and most stable A31 quad-core processors, based on the latest A7 quad-core ARM architecture, is currently the most advanced tablet processor, performance than the current mainstream A9 dual-core tablet, faster, more sensitive response. In addition, IPPO F978C 3G for the first time in tablet processor equipped with up to 1 m in the second level cache, is the highway on the processor, have no limit of broadband, bring 2 times more data to the processor and transmission speed, greatly improving the use of the tablet experience.

As a leading brand of domestic tablet, IPPO F978C 3G in the configuration and performance comprehensive leading at the same time, the appearance of technology also constantly strives for perfection, has reached the world first-class standard. New quad-core ultrathin series, once again leading the fashion trend, is the most excellent domestic flat appearance, G + G kong glass panel, the overall design without screw, clock seamless splicing, is the appearance of the world’s most advanced casting process. It has enough battery life, this is the inside and outside and repair of IPPO F978C 3G and the difference between other ultra-thin tablet.IPPO F978C 3G

Comes with a 9.7 in the third generation of IPS screen, and integration into the world’s top technology of retina, up to 2048 * 2048 pixel resolution and 264 PPI. Using the ratio of 4:3 screen, have larger display area, in the picture, ebooks and the Internet have obvious advantages. What’s more, IPPO F978C 3G can make you fully experience pleasure from flat photos. Carrying professional 5 million pixels rear camera, in U.S. OV top camera chip and a clearer picture effect, full 1080 p hd video, give you a different experience.

In addition, IPPO F978C 3G also has 3G phone function, supports two SIM cards use at the same time, let you can communicate with your friends and family anytime and anywhere.

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