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ICOO Q6 Phone Tablet is simply a mobile phone

ICOO Q6 Phone TabletWhen I browsing the merchandise of tablet online, I was very shocked. I think ICOO Q6 Phone Tablet was mistakenly placed to the category of tablet. Judging from the picture, it is really the same with mobile phone. But if fact, if you do not look carefully at detailed descriptions of it, you really do not know that it is a tablet PC. I do not know whether you have the same felling as me.

No matter of the appearance of front or rear, ICOO Q6 Phone Tablet makes me feel that it is a tablet. Let me introduce more details on appearance for you. On one side,the panel in the front is black. With silver border, just like normal smart phone. The headset located at the top of the tablet and the front 1 mega-pixels camera set up on the right side of the headset. On the other side, the rear camera set at the top of the tablet. There is a flash and speaker on the left of camera. What’s more, the color of gold and white matches well. No matter how you are observing the picture, you would think it is more than a mobile phone. Even more, if you are not holding it, really do not know that is truly a tablet.

In the terms of hardware, ICOO Q6 Phone Tablet is using a MTK8312 quad-core processor, similar with a lot of low-end tablets. But it is capable of running many applications perfectly. Moreover, this processor also supports the function of calling. As long as you insert your SIM into to device, you can make calls. In addition, 6.95 inches screen is more convenient for griping by a single hand. Many passers-by would think you are taking a large-screen phone. Not only that, it basically comes with the feature of phone, such as text messaging, Bluetooth, supporting 3G, GPS navigation. Such a tablet PC, I’m still wondering whether it should be classified to the category of phone. To my surprise, there is a tablet so much like a cell phone.

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