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The Hottest Laptop Brand in 2017

chuwi hi9

2017 is the year coming with a variety of wonderful electronic products. For example, Apple company launched its flagship iPhone for its 10th anniversary. Similarly, Xiaomi, one of the most famous Chinese smartphone manufacturer released its remarkable full-screen smartphone Xiaomi MIX2. The competition among smartphone is becoming more and more intensive, which is the case with tablets. In addition to many smartphones, plenty of laptops were released in 2017, which attracted great attention of consumers. Among them, Xiaomi mi pad3, Lenovo Tab 48 Plus, and CHUWI Hi9 have successfully won great attention from the consumers in the world.

Hi9Xiaomi, one of famous smartphone manufacturer, owns the advantages of technology which is also utilized in the tablets of the mi pad series. Xiaomi mi pad 3 is launched in April this year. With a 7.9-inch screen, it has a MediaTek MT8176 of six cores on the chip and runs  Android and iOS system. Being a pad with 4GB RAM and an internal storage of up to 64GB, it has enough RAM to move and accommodate all kinds of apps. Although it can be connected to the network only through WIFI due to the incapability of supporting SIM card, it still deserves your choice now.

Lenovo which is one of the most famous computer manufacturers in the world has launched masterpieces in the world tablet market since its establishment. In this July, it released Lenovo Tab48 Plus which is characterized by Lenovo. Only weighing 300, it comes with an 8.0-inch screen. The tablet runs Android 7.0, with the chip of Qualcomm MSM8953 Snapdragon 625. Two version are available in the tablet, including one with Internal storage of 64GB and 4 GB RAM and the other with 16GB and 3 GB RAM so consumers can choose one of them according to their need.

CHUWI is one of rising stars in the field of laptops. Its tablet always gives you new user experience. In the end of 2017, it launched its new product: CHUWI Hi9. This is the first CHUWI tablet to run on Android Nougat.It comes with a screen of 8.4 inches, resolution of 2560×1600, designed with an LCD display,400 nits of brightness, and is powered by a Media Ted MTK8173 Quad Core.This processor is paired with a RAM of 4 GB and an internal storage of 64 GB.CHUWI Hi9 will handle most of apps and games easily and without any disturbance.

Among these three tablets, some of them do exceedingly in the layout, others are a good combination of price and quality. But CHUWI Hi9 does well in both the layout and the price so it will be like consumers.

CHUWI’s is exclusively being launched for the first time on Banggood which will start on the 8th of January and as an introductory offer, CHUWI will be available at a great discount of 180$ on all products which may vary upon the price. Offer valid for a limited period so grab it before it’s gone.



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