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Glorious GMMK Keyboard Comprensive Review

glorious modular mechanical keyboard

The glorious modular mechanical keyboard (GMMK) is an overall great keyboard. It comes with a variety of switches, giving you the ability to choose the one that suits you better. For sure, this keyboard is one of a kind and in this article, we will try to understand why that is;

glorious modular mechanical keyboard


This keyboard feels premium and is well-built. Its frame is made up of plastic backing with sleek metal edge and the plate. The board comes with PBT keycap but it feels a little bit thin when it is compared with other keycap. The board is hotswappble which it mean that you can change switches without desoldering them. Like most keyboards, the glorious GMMK is okay ergonomics. There is only a single incline setting and when it is not used, the board is flat. The Corsair K70 RAPIDFIRE is a similar keyboard with similar ergonomics. The keyboard has a full RGB lighting which can be customized directly on the board or in the software. It allows personalized effects but there is plenty of presents available which is nice.

Typing experience

We measure the pre-travel distance of multiple keys where we found that in our initial test the pre-travel was tested with the letter U and found that we got 2.58mm that is considered that is affects the scoring and it is high. The B key was measured and we got 2.38mm and got 2.59mm. The lowest pre-travel distance was kept and updated to the review. Moreover the switches will seem to have the variation in distance between the keys but most people will not notice the pre-travel difference which is within manufacturing tolerance. The keyboard is hotswappeble which means that you can easily choose the switches that you are interested in and your experience will vary depending on the type of the switch you will go for. Typing on this keyboard feels good because the keypresses feel precise and snappy without being too tiring when typing for a long time. All the keys are stable to avoid wobble when typing and the keycaps are well spaced out to reduce typos. The board is pretty quiet when typing on the Gateron Brown switches, which is fine for an open office area not to disturb the people around you. The board is hotswappable, meaning that you can easily choose the switches you want and the noise will vary depending on the switches you choose for.


The keyboard is compatible with the software of the same name. The app allows you to customize the RGB lighting. And while the keyboard is fully compatible with windows, there are a few keys that don’t operate on Linux or macOS. What’s more, the software isn’t available on these operating systems, meaning that you might need to customize the keyboard on windows before setting it up on another OS.

Our verdict

The Glorious keyboard GMMK is an excellent keyboard whose unit has Gateron Brown switches that is more pre-travel than other keyboards, where it is unnoticeable from other people other than the manufacturer’s tolerance. The board is great to have because it is well-built and a good RGB lighting. You can choose your favorite gaming switches without any issues due to the keyboard being hotswappable.

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