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Everyone deserves an android tablet

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Introduction: The changing computing environments.

The world is rapidly changing in terms of technological trends. Everyone is always on the lookout for better and swifter ways of doing things. Having an android tablet is one way to get an edge when it comes to computing and related activities associated with it. Being the much-needed bridge between a laptop and a mobile phone, Android tablets are the most suitable devices for anyone who values the importance of efficiency in life.

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Why you need an android tablet in your life?

Before you hit the online store to get yourself one, let me explain to you how it will make your life happier and easier:

  1. Tablets are portable workstations.

Having an android tablet on the move is very convenient because it allows you to work wherever you are whenever you want. Mobile phones are indeed portable but they got very small computing power. A phone will only accomplish 20% of all work an android tablet can do. Speaking of processing power, the new Huawei Mediapad M3 8 running on android version 6 and possessing a Kirin CPU is very powerful.


  1. Great for watching movies and listening to music.

Movies and music make our lives happier. There is no better way than watching them on a big screen. Android tablets have a big screen that enhances our movie and music watch experiences. Lenovo Tab 8 Plus has a massive 8- inch screen and runs on the powerful Snapdragon 625 CPU. The new Amazon Fire HD tablet is also an excellent choice with a 10-Inch screen.

android tablet pc

  1. Cheaper than laptops.

Android tablets are far much cheaper than laptops. They make excellent choices for people on the budget. You can get yourself the powerful Amazon Fire HD tablet for only $79.99. Far cheaper than a bulky laptop. Huawei Media Pad goes for only $199.


  1. Experience gaming like never before.

Playing your favorite games on a small screen can totally ruin the whole experience. An android tablet gives you a wonderful gaming experience because of their big screen and high-quality graphics. The Samsung Galaxy has a resolution of 1536 by 2018 sitting on a big 9.7 – inch screen. Your gaming experience can’t get better. The Asus Zenpad 3S 10 has the same exact features and it goes for only $270.


  1. Excellent cameras.

Android tablets have powerful cameras that capture all the break taking experiences the way they are. You can’t go wrong with an android tablet camera. They were built with the needs of users like you in mind. The front cameras ranging from a resolution of 5-10 megapixels, all your front pics will always be perfect. Samsung Galaxy tab possesses a front camera of 5MP and a rear on spotting 13MP.

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What next:

With all the potential android tablets have of making our lives happier, you should get yourself one to experience wonderful moments with your friends and family. It will also improve your career life.


Let me know different ways in which android tablets have changed your life. Share the criteria you normally use when choosing an Android tablet.

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