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Decent Docking Keyboard for Chuwi Hi10

Have you ever gotten the tablet, Chuwi Hi10? Well… it’s now with a heavy discount of 13% off and well-sold at Banggood. And the promotion sale is from May 16 to May 24 this year. As you know, the Chuwi Hi10 is a capable tablet which hits a sweet spot delivering the sort of performance that will suit the average Joe without breaking the bank.
d5d6581a-0c07-f3dd-632d-b853ddc4c41dThe performance of the Chuwi Hi10 can certainly be described as decent. The Z8300 is far better than similar devices either powered by its predecessor, the Z3735F or the N2840, besting the latter by about 40% on average on a number of benchmarks. Thus, Chuwi Hi10 delivers excellent value for the current price, $158.89.


However, the tablet is sold with only the host. How do users convert the tablet into a laptop? Yes, they just need a docking keyboard. That’s what we are now and will talk about. In case you didn’t know, the Chuwi Hi10 docking keyboard is one that comes without a touchpad.


With very stable USB port and good pad, it contacts with tablet PC perfectly. It can work in different language, just set it on Windows. Over the purpose of being able to type text, it’s more efficiently than with the on-screen keyboard. You can take the tablet and this docking keyboard for a business trip without the need of a cumbersome laptop.


Come on and get this Chuwi Hi10 docking keyboard ! It will work fine with your tablet!


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