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Colorful iGame GTX 1660 Ultra Review

We’ve seen NVIDIA release SUPER variants of the RTX cards, and the 1660 SUPER in this case gets the same treatment. It still uses the same TU116 GPU with 1408 CUDA Cores, 1530 MHz/1785 MHz Base/Boost, but now with 336 GB/sec bandwidth.

iGame GTX 1660

The design and build
The COLORFUL iGame GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER Ultra is one of the coolest cards we’ve seen. It’s deep black matte shroud looks great with its ridges and lines. There’s a nice looking black backplate as well that gives it some edgy aesthetics, and with added vent cutouts for the heat to escape.
Anyway, moving forward COLORFUL endows its 1660 SUPER with a triple-fan setup to give it some creds in cooling. The COLORFUL iGame logo on the side also lights up, and you can control it with various lighting effects. Further down is an 8-pin power connector.

iGame GTX 1660
You’ll only be getting three options for outputs here – ports for a Dual Link DVI-D, HDMI, and DisplayPort at the back. There’s also COLORFUL’s one-key overclock that shoots up the boost clock to 1830 MHz without all the fuss and muss.

Moving to the PCB, we find as always the graphics processor in the central area, which this time has been attached to the heatsink with white thermal paste . Quite abundant in fact, but if we want to give it an extra performance, let’s think about placing one of the grays (based on metals) that provide greater heat conductivity.

iGame GTX 1660
A large area of his PCB is completely empty at least in regards to surface electronics, because we do have the power connector, and the fans and lighting connectors.
In the deepest area, it is where we find all the power configuration of the GPU, consisting of 6 choke coils , for chokes friends, R22 built by Trio and with IPP (iGame Pure Power) technology in its 6 corresponding MOSFETS. Surely I call you attention that instead of taking advantage of the main heatsink to cool the MOSFETs, Colorful has installed a second aluminum heatsink with small fins for independent cooling.

Triple-Fan Turing from Colorful
Shenzen-based Colorful is launching their new iGame GTX 1660 Ultra 6G video card. This is based on the second 12nm Turing with 22 SMs and 1408 CUDA cores. Which actually does not sound like a significant cut from the NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti’s 24 Sms and 1536 CUDA cores.

iGame GTX 1660
The GTX 1660 GPU cuts down the memory clock rate down to 8,000MHz, from the GTX 1660 Ti’s 12,000MHz. Which actually matches the Pascal-based GTX 1060. Despite having the same memory bandwidth, the new architecture and larger L1 cache (1408 vs 480 KB) should also help with performance.

We will now locate ourselves in the back area of ​​the Colorful iGame GTX 1660 Ultra to see what it offers us in terms of connectivity. And we certainly have surprises:

  • 1x HDMI 2.0b
  • 1x DisplayPort 1.4
  • 1x DVI DL
  • Turbo mode select button

We see a curious way to raise the frequency of this GPU to 1860 MHz manually for times when we need extra performance. In any case it is the frequency that we also find in other models such as MSI or Gigabyte, only this time the brand has divided it into two levels.

iGame GTX 1660

Triple Fan cooling system

Fan curves could be improved
Limited Video Outputs

The iGame GTX 1660 Ultra is recommended, because this Colorful iGame GTX 1660 Ultra is a graphics card with a very good performance-price ratio , if not the best. At this powerful graphic card is sold for $267.63

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