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Colorfly G808 has a powerful battery life

Colorfly G808Recently, Colorfy has introduced a low-cost 8 inches tablet PC–Colorfly G808. This tablet may seem very ordinary with other tablets, but in the actual use is very usual. Its powerful battery can let you play for a long time. Other configuration is also good. However, the price is even more unexpected. This tablet really able to meet our daily needs, and even make you abandon your cell phone.

Colorfly G808 has a super endurance on power, so I had played it for full eight hours. In general, if you want battery of the tablet more durable. It must focus on two aspects of the design. First, the choice of high-capacity battery, which is the precondition to ensure lasting power. G808 is equipped with a large-capacity battery of 4000mAh for ensuring its power. Second, save power from consumption. Whether it is how much capacity of your battery has, without saving, it will quickly run out. The G808 is equipped with a low-power processor and 8 inches screen, can effectively reduce the consumption of power. So if you want a tablet which the power is more durable, you can choose to purchase a tablet like G808.

The overall performance of Colorfly G808 is also good. In the configuration, it uses an 8 inches IPS screen with the resolution of 1280*800, the true color reproduction, high definition display, good viewing angle. Give us visual enjoyment. With a quad-core processor of MTK8382 and 1GB RAM, which made it has a good performance. The playback of online video is smooth, browsing web is also quick. Although due to the performance of weaker GPU, it has a difficult on playing large-scale 3D games slightly. The performance of G808 really attracts everyone’s attention, especially it has a powerful batter life. Eventually, no mention that it gives us the impact on the price.

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