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Colorfly G718: Eight-core processor 3G tablet with full HD camera lens

Colorfly G718

Colorfly G718I ‘m always confused why we still use mobile phone since the mini tablet Colorfly G718 came out. To be honest, both tablet and mobile phone had their own flaws and advantages, but that was in the past. The recently released tablet is added with calling and answering function and even all performance that cell phone could provide. Based on mobile phone function and its acceptable size, it has made a great progress in terms of its camera pixel and inner processor and even angle of the screen. The neat white appearance and reasonable interface arrangement make it elegant like iphone admiring, let alone its compatible hand touching and thinnest shape.

When it comes to Colorfly G718, it has to mention the fastest eight-core inner processor MT6592. This super powerful processor ensures pretty high sensitivity and flexibility which could reach the same frequency and asynchronous operation with comparatively lower energy consuming. The tablet support both SIM card and SD card, both satisfying users phone need and daily network entertainments and. What’s more, its seven inch original IPS screen owns 178 degree angle of view which allows more dimensional and delicate presenting no matter for games and video chatting with friends. Meanwhile, the tablet adopted 13 million pixel full HD OV camera lens, even in the dark light it could shoot bright pictures due to its automatically adjusting light sensor.

Last but not least, cooperated with Colorfly G718 12GB inner memory and 16GB SD card memory, it realizes breezily and freely 3D game playing and 3G calling or surfing in the Internet. Users do have to worry its fluency while online watching movie or playing game, the big memory and super power inner processor perfectly work to provide better network service for you. The ultra-mini tablet size and light weight just need single hand lifting. With a Colorfly G718, you’ll no longer need a mobile phone, because it has already reached all function and convenience of a mobile phone.

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